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An Open Letter to the Game Day Wristbands

Dear Game Day Wristband Givers,

Many know you as the people in gray shirts that stand at each entrance of the student section checking for the limited amount of wristbands given out as students enter the stadium, or better known as the Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC). As a transfer student, I was unaware of this policy. I work for parking services on game days so it is impossible to make it to the game early or even on time. Although I was able to make arrangements with one of the managers, my question still remains… What about everybody else that can’t arrive on time? This, I believe, causes much frustration among students, and I’m sure this makes CSC’s job more difficult when they have to encounter angry college students that are most likely intoxicated. Coming from the outside in, I see a lot of disadvantages in this wristband system. I know there is a likelihood of past experience that created the rules today, but I see other options as a way to resolve these problems.

First, could we do without wristbands? Students have student IDs to prove that they go to this institution. So why not make IDs the new wristbands? If capacity is a problem, or they only want a set number in the student section for each game, make it known before selling students season passes so that they are aware and less angry when arriving to the game.

If CSC feels that the wristbands help keep things organized, then is the amount they’re giving out too little? From the first home game of the season, CSC was out of wristbands quite early, but when you look at the overall student section, there was a lot of room left in the stands, but they still weren’t allowing students in. For games like that, especially, there should be plenty of extra wristbands for students to receive.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with suggestions, and plenty of other students feel the same way about this situation. On the opposite end, CSC has reasons as to why this wristband rule is in effect. This would be a great opportunity to hold a few meetings with students interested in this topic and the CSC staff, in order to discuss suggestions but to also help students understand their policy. If this took place, students would be able to inform other students and there would be a clearer understanding.

Until something new takes place, or meetings are held, we will be stuck with the wristband enforcement, but no matter where you end up sitting, always be loud and proud to be a bulldog! Go Dawgs!

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world." -Brene Brown| Future Broadcaster| As always...Go Dawgs! Yours Truly, V ♡
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