My Roommate Tried Temporary Hair Paint Wax and Here's What Happened

One day I may want some blonde in my hair, but then the next day I may want to keep it my natural color. What a daily struggle! Aside from deciding between different looks, I have to take into consideration the damage it can cause to my hair as well as the cost of getting it dyed. Many go through these phases but luckily there's a solution for that now!

My roommate was scrolling through her Instagram explore page when she came across a post about a ‘Temporary Hair Paint Wax’. She decided to check out the Instagram page. After a few looks at their page, she became convinced and ordered hair paint wax in the gold shade. The order totaled around $13 including tax and shipping. Five business days later she was notified that the painted wax had arrived and it was tested that night. Instructions said that the hair needed to be wet when the hair wax is being applied. She washed her hair normally and used her normal products just as stated in the instructions.

Her typical hair product after washing her hair is Mixed Chicks, Leave-In Conditioner.

Above is a picture of her hair once it has been washed and the leave-in conditioner has been applied. This is before using the hair wax. She started off by applying a small amount onto her wet hair and then adding until she got the gold color she desired. Next, she blow-dried her hair to get the finished looked.

This is what the wax paint looks like. It has a lotion feel to it, which makes it easy to be applied. Using her fingers, she ran some of the product into her hair. Then she blow-dried her hair.

The results came out just as expected. The color appeared as gold-ish as advertised and it looked professionally done. “I liked the results, but next time I will put more on so that it’s more noticeable. I didn't want to add too much in case I didn't like it,” said my roommate.

Temporary hair wax paint can get a 5 out of 5 stars from me. It's very affordable and it really works! Just as the instructions said, it will come off in one wash! Check out their other colors at

Pictures courtesy of Monique Atkinson.