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Ever since I turned 18, I told my friends and family that I was going to pierce my nose. At the age of 22, I finally did it. It was a combination of actual desire to pierce my nose and fear of what my friends would say if I kept putting it off that I finally got the jewelry in my nose. 

My mom was visiting my sister and me, and we decided to stop by Pain & Wonder in Downtown Athens to see if they could take me without an appointment. They could! I had done enough research at this point to be sure of what kind of gem I wanted and to understand the process of a piercing. I watched several videos like the one here:

Pain & Wonder had me sign a few forms that verified I understood their hygiene process and that I consented to the piercing and was in a clear state of mind. They had a wide selection of jewelry that was made of higher quality metals that wouldn’t react poorly to sensitive skin. It cost $25 for the piercing itself, $25 for the jewelry I chose and I also paid for saline solution to clean the piercing and tipped my piercer. For a starter nose piercing, you have to pick stud-style jewelry—you cannot go right to a hoop. The kind of jewelry I chose is called a “press fit.”

Unlike the video above, I was laying down for my piercing, and my mom was in the room with me. Because of the way I was positioned, I couldn’t see the needle that was used to actually pierce my nose, which was definitely a good thing as my heart rate was increasing. The piercing itself just felt like a pinch that didn’t last very long at all. The area was red for a while but did not bleed. It did hurt to flex my nose when I yawned or sneezed for the first few days after I got my piercing, but the pain was not unbearable. 

In the month since I did this, the aftercare has been fairly simple. I just douse a Q-tip in saline solution and clean the inside and outside of my nose piercing. The area only had crust around it for a few days after the piercing, but I plan to keep cleaning it twice a day for the next couple of months. The following video shows what I do and includes the spray that I use.

Overall, I’m really happy that I did this! I think it looks really good and increased my confidence. Pain & Wonder is currently closed due to Covid-19, but will hopefully re-open when it is safe to do so. In the mean time, be sure to do your research so you can be confident before visiting any tattoo or piercing parlor!

photo of my nose piercing
Maggie Cavalenes

Maggie is pursing a Public Relations degree with a certificate in Public Affairs Communications at the University of Georgia. Her favorite cities are Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida. Her regular Starbucks order is a grande iced vanilla coffee, and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter @maggie_cav.
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