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Male Delivery: Allow Me To Introduce Myself

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

After my short sabbatical, your Real Live College Guy has returned to UGA and is ready to answer any burning questions you have. And yes, I am 100% a real, authentic human.

My job for Her Campus UGA is to let the Bulldawg faithful know the inside of a genuine guy’s mind here on campus, and I will strive to do exactly that. Please feel free to come at me with ANY questions you have. There is no need to shy away from what is bubbling out of your soul or what is breaking you down to tears. That is what I live for. I want to help each and every one of you to the best of my ability. Being your Real Live College Guy is the ultimate way to give you my best.

Before we start this journey together, I think it is necessary for me to give you some background of who I am. I am a normal, spontaneous man-child who has studied hard for three years here at UGA. The amount of involvement I have on this campus is boarder-line maddening, but I have to make some sacrifices to feed the passions that I have. You can find this Real Life College Guy wasting away his life at Lake Herrick for a mid-afternoon run, lounging around the fraternity house in a Food Network trance (guys absolutely enjoy Food Network as much as you do), or serving people at a campus ministry. If there is a part of campus that is near you, chances are I have been there for some sort of event.

I’ve dabbled in everything on campus from club and intramural sports, to student-led clubs, and even stuffing my insides with dining hall food for three years. Yes, three full years of glorious food. I also just want to say that I am beyond ecstatic that my last fact about me was about food.

Being genuine is everything I am about. I am ready to empathize with everyone and anyone’s feelings here at UGA. I will answer your questions with a genuine heart but I cannot necessarily be taken as the entire voice of every college male. What I can give you the clearest perspective from an authentic college guy which is more helpful to know than any general statement for “all guys” at UGA. I am here to be your friend. The one you go to in time of need. Let’s get real. I’m ready. Fire away.

All my best,

Your Real Live College Guy


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Just a real live campus guy living life like I know how.
A student journalist at the University of Georgia, Brittini Ray has been writing for HCUGA since fall 2011. This past spring, she became the president of Her Campus UGA. Brittini also interns for zpolitics.com. She hopes to learn more about news and the journalsim industry.   Follow Brittini on Twitter