The Last Month of School As Told By March Madness

April is finally here everyone! We are officially four weeks away from Summer Break. But the only thing stopping us from those long summer nights with friends and non-stop binge-watching of Black Mirror is the last month of school. The last month makes us feel so many mixed emotions and puts us all in a state of "madness". Here are the different emotions you will go through during the last month of school as told by NCAA March Madness.

1. When you have no motivation to do your work.

2. When you do good all semester long so you don't have to stress over finals.

3. When you don't take your work seriously all semester long so you have to be on a grind for the next four weeks.

4. When you just want to watch Netflix and call it a semester 

5. When you're not in the mood to do your extracurricular responsibilities.

6. When you're out of Paw Points (only UGA student's will understand).

7. When you decide to ask your teacher if they can bump up your grade.


8. Sleeping through your classes.

9. Realizing it's not possible to get the grade you set out for.

10. Regretting taking the "easy class".

11. Counting down the days until you can leave.

12. Still stressing 'cause you don't have a summer plan lined up.

13. When the semester  is not going your way. 

14. Or when the semester is going way better than you thought.

Either way, finish out the semester strong and come out as the champion we all know you are.

Thumbnail Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash. All Gifs are provided by