Kamie Amos: A Heart to Serve

Sororities preach the pros of sisterhood constantly—they’ll tout the unbreakable bond of sisterhood to their graves. There’s just something about being a sister. Kamie Amos, a sophomore intended management major says, “I always thought that was kind of bogus but it really isn’t.” Kamie never had a big group of girl friends in high school, so she was even surprised with herself when she decided to go through formal recruitment at the beginning of this school year. Happily, she found her home in Delta Zeta. “All of them know who you are, they really do,” Amos says. “They just make you feel really at home and they genuinely care about what’s going on in your life. I’ve learned a lot about a lot of people and my friendships. It’s so nice to have a big group of girls that you know you can count on.” Through her sorority, Kamie volunteered to become one of Delta Zeta’s two liaisons for Food2Kids. All through high school she worked with kids through the big buddy program and the Special Olympics so she was thrilled about the opportunity.

Food2Kids is an organization which partners with the Northeast Georgia Food Bank Program Food2Kids by raising funds and awareness. The organization serves Athens-Clarke County children who may only get food during the week from school lunches. The idea is to help care for their needs over the weekend as well. As a liaison, Amos has committed to going every week and says, “Basically, what we do is we pack food, from 1,000 to 2,000 lunches every week. We’re really starting to grow, so they’re creating new jobs for us, which is really exciting that we get to branch out.” The growth has been so huge, that Amos said they’re starting to be able to “compete (in size) to Miracle or Heroes.” Kamie seemed disappointed that she doesn’t actually get to see the kids she spends her time packing lunches for; however, she loves that she gets to make a difference for these kids and really thinks “it’s a big deal that if Food2Kids didn’t do what they do these kids wouldn’t get to eat over the weekends.”

Recently, there was a group of special needs high school students from Athens-Clarke County touring at UGA. Amos works at the Ramsey Student Center as a zumba instructor and was able to teach a class for them as part of their tour. “They were adorable and kept requesting songs,” she says. When Silento’s "Watch me (whip/nae nae)" came on, “instead of me teaching, they got up and taught me. I’m just so happy I got to do that.” Kamie has also used her zumba instructor title to reach into the lives of freshmen. She participated in an event for health and wellness week at Creswell Hall and made it her personal mission to be extremely welcoming to the freshmen. “I just know how hard freshman year can be, and so I really try my best to be welcoming through my classes.” I attended a few of her classes she taught at the beginning of the year at Ramsey, and the way she taught was incredible. Her passion and skill for dance and her job is evident, and the way she engages with her class and makes them feel comfortable is truly incredible. To attest to her fun-loving spirit, before her first class Amos walked around recruiting freshmen and persuaded a group of young men to sign up for her class. She was sure to ask the class who the freshman were and made a point to ask how they liked it so far, and was more than ready to answer any questions they had. She teaches zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Kamie has been dancing her whole life, so it’s no surprise she made it on to UGA’s competitive dance team, Red Hotz, her freshman year. The team has a record of excellence and participated in our Homecoming parade last year as well as this year, and performed at the lip sync battle during Homecoming week. For the last few years, the team has performed at Hawks games, and they will be performing again this year on November 2nd. During the spring semester they focus more on competing and typically go to NDA College Nationals at Daytona Beach. Kamie loves expressing herself through dance and getting a chance to do what she loves at a national level. The team is close-knit and she has nothing but love for her fellow Red Hotz.

Aside from campus involvement, Kamie has a great love and appreciation for music. A look into her room shows walls decorated in various posters, including AWOLNATION, Lana del ray, Led Zeppelin, with classic rock King Elvis Presley making an appearance as well. Amos has enjoyed going to several concerts over the years, including music midtown with her dad and her brother. Family is super important to Kamie, as she often refers to her younger brother as her “best friend,” and anyone that has known her for long knows the importance she places on her parent’s judgement and her openness with them is admirable. She loves to read as well, when she can find the time, and is currently reading the classic Gone with the Wind.

Owusu Achiaw, a Strength and Conditioning manager at Ramsey and coworker of Amos, says, “When I first met Kamie, it was when I was working and she needed some sort of help. She has become one of my closest friends… I know I can tell her anything. If you haven’t been around her and seen how much she truly cares for everyone near her, then you’re missing out.”

This care for others extends to the home and in all of her friendships. Kamie is always the first to ask about your day, help with math homework, or have long talks with you whenever. 

Also a Strength and Conditioning manager at Ramsey and one of Kamie's roommate's, Taylor Niles says, "She's the most dedicated and caring individual I've ever met. Her attention to detail, both in her work and her relationships, is what makes her stand out. She goes out of her way constantly for other people, without expecting anything in return, and it's that sort of unselfishness and genuine kindness that makes those around her love and respect her."