KalosSwap comes to UGA

Are you searching for a fabulous Tory Burch bag to match your spring break spray tan? Did gift-giving season leave you without enough funds for a formal dress?  Step away from your savings accounts ladies, there is a better way. KalosSwap has officially arrived at UGA, helping your closet and your wallet stay full this spring!

KalosSwap is an invitation only online shopping experience where girls around campus can virtually raid each others closets for everything from shoes to tops to outerwear, all while raising money for their favorite charities! Similar to sites like Rent the Runway and Bag Borrow or Steal, KalosSwap allows you temporary ownership of amazing designers, but for a fraction of the retail cost. Girl’s night out coming up? Browse through hundreds of outfits posted by girls all over campus, pick which dates you want to borrow the clothing, and for less than the price of dinner at Pauley’s that outfit is yours for the night!

If spring break spending money is what you’re after, then you can upload pictures of your own outfits and put them up for swap! Come on, we both know you’re not going to need that long sleeve dress in Cabo. KalosSwap lets you pick the category your clothing falls in and select a swap price based on the retail value. When another girl wants to borrow one of your uploads, she pays online and the money automatically goes to your wallet!

Now “kalos” is the Greek word for good, so the organization wouldn’t be worthy of the name without a little goodwill added in. For every outfit that you borrow or have borrowed from you, a portion of the swap funds go directly to the charity of your choice. KalosSwap has amazing charities to choose from, such as on campus organizations like UGA heroes as well as national organizations like Make A Wish Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network. I bet you never thought that your old prom dress could help a child battling disease, huh?

KalosSwap is an amazing way to not only get the gorgeous clothes you’ve been eying at a fraction of the price, but also to share your closet for an amazing cause. Why spend hundreds on a dress you’re going to wear once when you can get an amazing look, give to charity, and save money all at the same time? Macy Marie Sirmans, Social Media Intern for KalosSwap and Vince Camuto fashionista, hopes this idea inspires more girls to get involved with the organization:  


“Girls at UGA are already observing the need and feeling to drive to combine two motivating forces on our campus: Fashion and Philanthropy, Sirmans said. “In saying that I hope UGA fashionistas will turn to the sustainable efforts of KalosSwap when selecting ensembles for dates, formals and special events. Lend your closet to charity, ladies!”


Take it from a true style aficionado, KalosSwap is the best thing to happen to fashion at UGA since the invention of Nike running shorts. If you are a sorority woman looking to join the site, you can send your chapter’s KalosSwap representative a request for membership. If you are not, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you an invitation! Just don’t hold me responsible for what is sure to be your new addiction. Happy shopping ladies!