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If Hocus Pocus Characters Were College Students

If the characters from Hocus Pocus were in college, what would each of them be like? Was Srat life for them? Did they attend classes regularly? Let us catch a glimpse of what each of our favorite character’s college years looked like.  


Winifred “Winnie” Sanderson–The Queen of E-boards

Winnie is the leader of the Sanderson Sisters. You can easily catch her showing off her leadership skills and power of persuasion on any e-board across campus. Put on a talent show and maybe you will get to hear her sing, “I’ll put a spell on you.” 

Mary Sanderson–The Clueless Senior

There is always that one senior that has been at the school for all four years and still has no clue about his or her major, post-grad life, or even the differences between the bus routes.  


Sarah Sanderson–The Overly-Excited Freshman

You see them all the time when August rolls in. They are jumping up and down as they get out of their car once they arrive at their dorm room. They post on social media all the time about how much they are loving college. They are DT on weekends taking shots like there’s no tomorrow. They finally have freedom and are enjoying every bit of it.  


Max Dennison–The Freshman Who Is Still Trying to Live Out High School

Max in the movie moved from Los Angeles, California to Salem, Oregon. Same thing with transitioning from high school to college. They are still trying to hold onto old parts of their old life whether its wearing their senior class hoodie or going back home every weekend. It is going to take time before they understand that in order to enjoy college, they need to accept this new change in their life.   


Dani Dennison–The Ambitious Student

Dani puts herself out there and is not afraid to fail. In college, there are ambitious students everywhere. Whether they are always in office hours trying to get ahead or forever going to recruiting events. We expect big things out of this person post-grad.


Allison–The Loveable RA

If we are fortunate enough, we get to have the RA that everyone loves. She always has a friendly smile and is glad to talk to you at any time, whether it is to help you with something school related or just to talk in general. She never wants to make someone feel left out and is always there when you need her.  


Thackery Binx–Intramural Superstar  

This guy is always at the Intramural Fields and Student Rec Center. He has an intramural to play for every season for the entire school year. He always wears gym clothes just in case a pick-up game happens and he is there.


Watch out for these characters around your campus!

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