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I Tried Fashion Nova Jeans So You Don’t Have To

For years, I have been on the hunt for the best jeans that not only fit my body but make me feel like a million dollars in them as well. As a 5’8″ woman, my body shape is not like the average individual’s. I have a very short torso and my waist is a lot smaller than my hips. As a result, jeans have never been my forte. I’ve struggled to find jeans that I can hike over my wide hips and button perfectly at my waist without problems like gapping or worrying if they make my figure look abnormal. Also, finding jeans that weren’t too long or too short have always been a challenge because I am all leg. 

Because of the boom in online shopping, various clothing brands have developed. Many of these stores cater and market clothing to women who have similar problems as mine. Stores like Fashion Nova have been very prevalent as of late due to the large advertisement of their brand from celebrities like Cardi B to Kylie Jenner, and “haul” videos all over YouTube. Another aspect that attracts Fashion Nova’s customers is their exotic clothing and wide range of sizes. Fashion Nova is known to have clothing that fits “curvy” girls. Whether they may be plus size or a size 0, Fashion Nova has something for everyone that will not only fit for an affordable price but make them feel confident in the process.

Now that the fall season is kicking into high gear, I went out on the dreaded hunt for new jeans. I always feel upset shopping for jeans because nothing ever fits, so when I stumbled upon Fashion Nova and all their positive reviews, I felt like I found hope. After my day out of shopping, I took it upon myself to browse Fashion Nova’s wide selection of jeans. Selecting three pairs (all ordered in a size 7, equivalent to a size 28 in U.S.), here’s what I found.

“Distracted High-Rise Jeans – Black” $19.99

This was the first pair I tried on. It is a simple black pair of jeans with two holes in the knees.

Upon pulling it out of the packaging, I realized that the black tag across the inside of the waistband said, “Fashion Nova.” This was important to me because many similar brands to Fashion Nova, like Shein and Wish, use other clothing brands’ products through partnerships. So, it felt original and exclusive to see “Fashion Nova” across the back.

After I unfolded them, the next thing I noticed was how the jeans were shaped and how long they were. These pair of black jeans were shaped exactly like a bodycon dress. It curved at the hips and had a smaller waist band. I thought I hit the jackpot, until I held them up. The waist band was really small, and I began to worry about whether I bought the right size. However, I kept my head high because of the length of the pants.

Trying them on really set the tone. I was able to hike them up over my hips, but I sadly could not button this pair because they were too tight around my waist. While I had them on, I noted two things: how flexible the material was and how cheap the holes on the knees looked.

I did not expect much from this pair seeing how they were only twenty dollars, but I might have kept them if they had fit.

 “Teenage Forever Jeans – Dark” $24.99

These pair of jeans were exactly the same as the “distracted high-rise jeans.” Like the previous pair, this dark blue pair was made by Fashion Nova and it had the same bodycon shape and length to them. However, they did have more rips and distress in the style, yet they still had the same cheapness to them as the previous pair.

Although I was able to button and zip up the pair, it wasn’t too comfortable seeing as how they were still too small for me.

“Smiley High-Rise Distress Jeans – Dark Denim” $39.99

The final pair I tried on was a whole game changer. This pair was a dark blue color, with distress and shredding around the knees. At the bottom of the jeans, there was distressing and fringing, making them perfect to pair with booties.

After tearing them out of the plastic and unfolding them, I noticed how different these jeans were from the other two. The tag did not say Fashion Nova. Instead, the jeans were made by a different brand partnered with Fashion Nova.

And boy, did it show.

Next, I noticed how this pair had a wider waist band compared to Fashion Nova’s brand. The tag even said 28, which is my exact size in jeans. They still had a bodycon shape to them, but it was as if this brand took into account that not all girls in a size 7 at Fashion Nova have extremely thin waists.

Not only was the length perfect, but the fit was too. I fit into this pair just fine, and it accentuated my curves without the hassle of gapping or falling down past my waist. These were a definite keeper, and I wore them the day after I tried them on.

My overall experience with Fashion Nova and their jeans was not too pleasant. I decided to return the two pairs of jeans, and I was not happy with what I was told. Fashion Nova is one of those brands that does not give money back, but instead gives store credit. I was not too pleased with that, but there was not much I could do about it. The second part of the return process really bothered me though. Not only does Fashion Nova not give you your money back, but you must also pay to ship your returns.

As a previous retail worker, I felt as if Fashion Nova cheated me. It is one thing to receive store credit, but having the customer pay for shipping for their return is something not many online stores do. When I worked in retail, we sold product with the promise of free returns, and it really did work in raising our business in person and online.

If you’re planning on purchasing from Fashion Nova in the future, my advice to you is to make sure it is on the pricey side of the site. My conclusion is the more expensive the item, the better quality it is going to be, and the better chance you have at it making you feel confident in the product.

Dorian is a first year student majoring in Real Estate Sales and Psychology with a minor in Human Services. She is proud to be an out-of-state student and be the first in her family of UGA fans to attend the university. When she is not studying, Dorian enjoys writing, playing bass guitar, drawing or painting, and jamming out to rock music.
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