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Harry Styles performing at Harry Styles: Love On Tour.
Original photo by Olivia Slater

HSLOT: Concert or Fashion Show?

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This isn’t some ordinary concert.

Fans are known to go to extremes in order to get noticed by their favorite artists. The Harries (Harry Styles fans) have turned to fashion to make both a fashion statement and get noticed by Harry himself. Fashion has always been a topic of discussion around Harry Styles, considering he has been one of the first male artists who hasn’t been afraid to show his femininity. As a result, fans have turned Love On Tour into a fashion show like no other. They took the line “there’s a piece of you in how I dress,” from “Cherry” seriously.

First and foremost, a fashion tip that Harry fans have taken from him is that suits are absolutely everything. The HS1 tour proved this with having Harry wear a custom Gucci suit every night, which was definitely a fashion statement. Fans have incorporated many pastel-colored suits onto their HSLOT outfits that are usually paired up with white booties and a bustier top. Suits are not just for casual business wear anymore, thanks to Harry Styles. 

Let’s face it, Harry turned his GRAMMY’s performance into a heavenly experience that made everyone realize that Harry is THAT man. Fans have taken inspiration from his performance and dressed in a black leather dress or set. Feather boas like the green one that Harry wore during the GRAMMYs have been huge in this tour. Many fans have stated that once each concert ends, all you can see are multicolor feathers scattered all over the arena floor.  

If there’s one thing to note about Harry’s songs, it’s that most of them are about fruit. Harry tends to create metaphorical references in his songs about fruit. In fact, he has named his two general admission pits as “Watermelon” and “Cherry” (I have “Watermelon” pit seats!). Fans have been taking advantage of this by wearing dresses with fruit printed on them, cherry-shaped earrings, and fruit-inspired makeup.

The 70s have made a revival at HSLOT. Harry has been depending on 70s fashion throughout HSLOT, and fans have been initiating these tour fits. These outfits often are made up with fun colored flared pants, satin shirts, and suspenders. Go-go boots have also been a constant staple to nearly every outfit because of their cute look and the perfect amount of heel to see the stage during the concert. 

Now, for some accessories, cowboy hats have been the moment throughout the past year, and this is definitely seen at HSLOT. Cowboy hats of all different colors will be seen in the audience of your upcoming show. Pearl necklaces have been showing up because of their extra classy touch. Multi-colored sunglasses are also a fun way to make your outfit pop.  

Whatever you end up wearing for HSLOT will be epic. Harries have always been known to show out, and this is the time to do it. All of these items are ideas that you can implement to your HSLOT outfit, but of course we can’t forget about the iconic watermelon costume outfit that a few people have chosen to wear.

Alma is a fourth-year at UGA double majoring in PR and Political Science. She is a coffee addict and loves going to concerts.
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