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The new year is full of opportunities for self-growth, new lifestyles and a chance to begin again. This can be an overwhelming time for many people, so here are some ways to brighten up your 2024. Bringing your favorite people together to celebrate the little things is something that you can always look forward to, whether it’s a group of friends or you and your bestie!

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Galentines is no new concept, but there are so many fun ways you can celebrate. Whoever you are spending this day with, fill it with your favorite things! I’m sure we all remember the excitement that filled our younger Valentines Days with addressing valentines to our classmates, and there is a perfect way to celebrate this tradition again. Reach out to your local nursing homes or hospitals near you to see if they would accept some homemade valentines! Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, and getting together to craft valentines for others is the perfect way to brighten up this holiday!

Watch parties

Weekly gatherings to watch a new show could become the boost you need to get through the week. Whether it be weekly showings of a new reality show, or you’re finally starting that series that has been out forever, this is your sign to make a night out of it. Some of my current favorites have been the new Percy Jackson series and the Bachelor! Another show that is a top-tier option to center watch parties around is Survivor. This reality show has the perfect mix of drama and competition that keeps the whole room engaged. Starting February 28, the new season of Survivor will premiere on CBS at 8:00 PM EST. Whatever show you land on, make a night of it!

Board nights

Food is a love language that can bring people together in such a fun way! Charcuterie boards are always such a fun addition to a girl’s night; you should challenge your friends to come up with their own spin on it. Some of my favorite takes on this trend have been a board of fries from various restaurants, everything dipped in chocolate, and a sushi board. Whatever you come up with, this is the perfect way to snack on your favorite foods and try what your friends love!

collage nights

If you think you missed your chance to put together a vision board for the year, it’s never too late. Monthly vision boards can be the perfect tradition you set with yourself or a group of friends. If you’re a fan of getting crafty, go all out with collecting various magazines throughout the year to add to your collage collection. Vision boards don’t have to be the only form of collaging you take on if that’s not your thing. Collaging can be the perfect way to de-stress after a long week, and it can be the perfect way to personalize gifts for your favorite people. A personalized collaged piece for a friend can be the perfect gift for when you’re trying to keep it sweet and cheap! 

dating yourself

Filling your year doesn’t require anyone but yourself! Self-care is the ultimate ‘in’ 2024, and doing what you love with yourself is the perfect way to spice up your year! Some ideas could be exploring a new local coffee shop, making a bouquet, or exploring new dinner recipes. If you are ever in need of what to do, Pinterest is your best friend! There are so many fun recipes and it has all the style inspiration you need to fuel a thrifting trip.

Ella is a first year majoring in journalism. She loves reading and writing about entertainment, experiences, and style. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching rom-coms, crafting Spotify playlists, and baking Pinterest inspired recipes.