How To Cope With Your “Best Friend” Not Being Your Best Friend Anymore

Best friend breakups can be worse than relationship breakups, but just like any other breakup, it’s possible to get through it. It will take some time, but once it’s managed you’ll be grateful for the breakup. Here are some ways on how to cope with it. 

Accepting the fact that it sucks

There was a point in your life when you guys were super close, from laughing uncontrollably that tears start to run down your face to crying on each other's shoulders for support. It’s going to be hard trying readjust your life after, but accepting the fact that it’s over is going to help get through it much faster. It’s also okay to be sad throughout the process.

Forgiving yourself and the other person

Forgiving does not mean forgetting or condoning, but instead, it’s letting go of the negative energy that interferes with moving on. Understand no one is at complete fault. Each person had a role in the events that caused the friendship to end. This breakup process is all about growing up, accepting and forgiving. 

Find a new hobby to distract you from the loss

Friend breakups hurt just as much as a relationship breakup. One way to cope is by keeping yourself busy, whether it’s going to the gym, getting more involved in school, or finally reading that book that was collecting dust. Staying busy will help the time go by faster and help you forget your former bestie. Before you know it, you've made all kinds of gains by not thinking of them!

Try hanging out with people from the same friend group individually

When trying to distance yourself from your old bestie, it can be very hard not to distance yourself from your other friends as well. Hanging out as a group again can be very awkward, especially for mutual friends. Hanging out individually will decrease the chances of making it stressful for the third party. Let it be known that things are a little weird at the moment but that you’re not going to drag them into it.

Continue living your life

Understand that everything happens for a reason. Your life is not over yet, there is still so much more ahead of you. Saying goodbye to those dreams of being each other's bridesmaids hurts but this opens the doors for better besties in the future. In other words, it’s all about that “thank u, next.”

It may hurt at first, but remember that everything happens for a reason.