Hearing Ignorant Comments on Campus As Told By "The Mindy Project"

College is the first time of our lives that we have real freedom given to us. We learn a little and try to figure out our future. It's the time we experiment to see if black-haired, opinionated biology majors or blonde, party-guru business majors are our type, and the time to figure out our social and political views which ultimately define whether or not we are easy to get along with. Either way, this is a time when young, hot, and educated women like us start experiencing the real-life before we are dumped into it after 4 years. This trial period helps us learn from mistakes, discover our passions and most importantly, deal with some of the other young, but IGNORANT people of the world. Here are some of the most unbearable, anger-filling, ignorant and annoying statements or questions that may have crossed your path in college, as told by the Mindy Project.

There are some college students that will ask ignorant questions because they stereotyped you based on your name or physical appearance. They may ask questions like, "Wow your name is exotic, are you from [*insert country here*]," or “Why are black people always late?" They may also make assumptions on abilities, like whether or not someone can dance based on their race.

When you are stressed out because you are studying for a huge test and one of your guy friends comes up to you and says, "Why do you look so mad and stressed? You should smile more." AHHHHHHHH!

When you are angry and having a bad day and someone in your class or dorm says, “you must be on your period.”

When people automatically assume you are attracted to women just because you have a short haircut and your fashion sense is not "feminine” enough.

When privileged students believe that they are allowed to say offensive things and speak their minds by saying hurtful, ignorant statements about race, immigration, or feminism because of the current presidential administration.

Assuming that minorities will vote for liberal, democratic-like candidates when a student government election occurs, so stereotypical pandering starts occurring.  

When white people pull a “blackcent” or black accent to try to fit in with their black friends, when really, it's offensive.

When friends start claiming they are “woke” but they say things like, “Drake is a rapper for white people,” or “Racism isn’t that bad since Obama,” and it makes you cringe in disgust.

When you wear something to a party and people say things like, "She looks like a slut," or "She’s asking for it," when really you are just there looking hot, doing your thing and having a good time with friends. 

So ignorance is unavoidable, but that’s the prototype that may be faced in college that will get you prepared for the real world. So get ready because this is going to be a bumpy ride!  

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