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HC’s Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

We’re almost there! Spring Break is so close we can almost taste it. One week of pure freedom. It’s time to start planning: what to pack on your trip if you’re going on one, which TV show to binge watch on Netflix if you’re not –you know the drill. The most important part of your pre-Spring Break planning ritual, though? Creating your perfect playlist! And to make your life a little easier, we’ve got a few suggestions. 

1. Budapest- George Ezra

It’s impossible not to smile when you listen to this song. Try it- it won’t work!

2. Riptide- Vance Joy

We’re pretty sure everyone’s heard this one, so you already know how great it is. Chances are, you’ve already downloaded it. 

3. Wonderland- Taylor Swift

What’s a Spring Break playlist without a little T. Swift? 

4. Sugar- Maroon 5

This is the quintessential feel-good Spring Break song. (And P.S. if you haven’t seen the wonderfully charming music video, you are missing out.)

5. I Want You to Know- Zedd (feat. Selena Gomez)

We want you to know…that this song is the PERFECT song to dance to this Spring Break! (Please excuse that cheesy line and listen to the song.)

6. Can’t Stop Dancin’- Becky G

The title says it all- you won’t be able to stop dancing to this beyond-catchy song!

7. Geronimo- Sheppard

A perfect choice for the beach, lake, etc. Wherever you plan to be this Spring Break, this song is the perfect companion. 

8. I’m an Albatraoz- AronChupa

This weird little tune is three minutes of pure fun. You don’t have to understand it to love it!

9. House Party- Sam Hunt

For all the country fans out there, Sam Hunt provides the perfect upbeat sound for spring.

10. She’s Got You High- Mumm-ra

If you’ve seen the film 500 Days of Summer you may recognize this one. So catchy!

11. Air Balloon- Lily Allen

This airy (get it?) tune hits the spot. The perfect song for a lovely spring day!

12. Scarecrow- Alex & Sierra

This X-Factor couple is adorable. And so is this song. Check it out!

13. This Is How We Do- Katy Perry

No Spring Break playlist is complete without Katy Perry. This lesser-known song is perfect to rock out to in the car! (Or anywhere else, really!)

14. Time of Our Lives- Pitbull (feat. Ne-Yo)

Spring Break is our week to forget about our responsibilities and messy lives and let loose. This song just gets it so right.

15. Everything is AWESOME!!!- Tegan And Sara (feat. The Lonely Island)

This one is self-explanatory. It’s AWESOME!

Wherever you’re going this Spring Break, you need an awesome playlist to go along for the ride. Music has the ability to transport us to places, so create a soundtrack that will forever take you back to wherever it is you plan on going! 

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