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A Geographic Guide to Coffee Shops in Athens

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

One thing I did a LOT during shelter-in-place was drink coffee. I loved the normalcy of going to a coffee shop, even if it was just getting a to-go order or heading through a drive-thru. It’s always good to support local businesses, and there are tons of great coffee places around UGA. We obviously need a lot of coffee during the semester, so I compiled a list of some personal favorites. Here’s a geographic guide to some great coffee places in Athens—it’s definitely not comprehensive, but it’s a great place to start if you’re stuck in a coffee routine!

Five Points: Condor Chocolates

If you haven’t been to Condor, you NEED to go! Their truffles are absolutely delicious, and it’s obvious that they put a lot of care into everything they do, from their chocolate spreads to their homemade marshmallows. Condor uses Ecuadorian coffee beans to make delicious lattes and drip coffee, but they also use cacao nibs to make a cold brew with a unique twist. For the time being, they’re carry-out only! You can order online here.

Downtown: 1000 Faces Coffee

1000 Faces is a coffee shop with a lot of heart. They only use sustainably sourced coffee and offer a wide variety of choices in coffee-based drinks, as well as teas. They recently released a new nitrogen-infused drink, a draft latte, made with Oatly, so your nondairy friends can enjoy a fancy coffee too! While their space is great for studying and meeting up with friends, right now they’re to-go only—but don’t let that stop you from grabbing your caffeine fix! You can order online here.

Prince Ave (Bottleworks): Hendershot’s

Hendershot’s is one of those cool places that feels like it could only exist in a place like Athens. Part bar, part coffee shop, and part live music/comedy venue, it’s got an eclectic vibe that’s hard to beat. They offer all of your coffee favorites, and once you go, you’ll keep going back. Right now, they’re open for to-go and patio service (and if you’re hungry, check out Viva! Argentine Cuisine right next door!). You can order online here.

Normaltown: SIPS Espresso Cafe

SIPS is right near the Health Sciences campus in the heart of Normaltown, located in the Agua Linda parking lot. They have a really nice patio setup which makes it feel like you’re sitting on a friend’s porch, and they definitely lean into that! Featuring a MASSIVE tea list, all of the coffee drinks your heart could desire, and fresh smoothies, they’re definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been. Their honey lavender latte, iced or hot, is a great choice any day! You can order online here.

The Falls of Oconee: Molly’s Coffee Company

Despite the pandemic, Molly’s opened in mid-July as a drive-through only coffee shop. Located across from Mama’s Boy, Molly’s uses 1000 Faces beans for their coffee drinks and make a Caramel Mocha that should be on every coffee lovers’ radar. For a non-coffee option, they just released a Sunset Lemonade made with sparkling lemonade and blackberry syrup. The owner, Molly Stokes, is a UGA graduate who has worked at Jittery Joe’s, 1000 Faces, and SIPS. Going through this drive-through is so worth it, trust me!

Of course, there are plenty of other amazing coffee places in Athens, but here are a few good ones to start out with. It’s not always easy (or safe) to be trying new things during the COVID-19 era—going to a different coffee shop than normal is a great way to change things up a little and maybe find a new favorite place. Before you fall asleep on a Zoom class, head to one of these spots to grab a quick cup of caffeine, however you like it!

Laura is a fourth-year Communication Studies major with a Spanish minor at UGA. She spent a semester working at Disney and can say with confidence that lovebugs are not as great as the iconic Jonas Brothers song made them out to be.