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Gabbie Clement

Name: Gabbie Clement

Year: Junior

Major: History and Political Science Minor

Hometown: Cary, NC

Hobbies/Activities: Shopping, Watching lots of movies and TV, go to starbucks, girl stuff

Relationship Status: What relationship?

Favorite Spot in Athens: Kind of nerdy but the 6th floor of the Main Library

Why? There’s a window in the corner that looks over the main parts of campus and its really awesome to see everyone. Plus I love the stadium and its a great view of that too!
Favorite Restaurant: Taqueria Del Sol
Perfect Date Idea: Simplicity is best! We could get some Taqueria and take it to the botanical gardens with some blankets. Sounds pretty great to me.

Fun Fact: SUPER embarassing but I don’t know how to ride a bike. Call me crazy, just never learned. I did have a childhood, promise :)

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