Five Netflix Picks for Spooky Season

Happy Spooky Season! Here are five fun shows and movies to watch on Netflix to embrace the season of spooky!

  1. 1. Hubie Halloween

    This is a new movie produced by Netflix. It stars Adam Sandler and is a fun comedy!

  2. 2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    This is a series produced by Netflix. It's a spin on Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

  3. 3. In The Tall Grass

    This movie is based on the Stephen King novel. It's suspenseful and thrilling!

  4. 4. Scream 

    This is an MTV series. It has the same concept as the Scream movies. There's three seasons to stream on Netflix!

  5. 5. Goosebumps 2

    This is a fun movie that mirrors the Goosebumps books. The first movie isn't on Netflix, but you can totally watch and understand this one without seeing the first one!

Happy Spooky Season!