Finding Out You're The Other Woman

After a summer and two month hiatus, we are back! If you're not familiar with Sex and The Classic City, it’s Her Campus UGA’s Dating and Relationships vertical, written by UGA’s residential Carrie Bradshaw (me!).  I am here to tackle all of your dating and relationship problems, and I am going to tackle a very common problem that women run into when it comes to the dating scene: being the other woman!

On UGA's campus, it is no secret that there are more females than males. This huge gender gap means more opportunities to have multiple partners. I have heard countless stories of girls finding out that the guy they are talking to/seeing/dating actually has a girlfriend, or they found out that they were one of many. There’s so many feelings that one can experience when finding out that they are the other women. Too bad you can’t gather the original girlfriend and the other women and make a revenge-seeking girl squad on the guy (hence the plot of The Other Woman).

But in all honesty, it is not your fault. Women tend to feel like it's always their fault, but it isn't! He saw an opportunity and decided to take it. Your personality is still on point and you are gorgeous! Don’t let this one hiccup from a relationship define who you are when it comes to dating and relationships. Each and every relationship you take part in is different and you learn new things that you take with you into your next relationship. 

Now, every time a guy comes to talk to you, don’t be afraid that he’s going to play you. Be cautious, but don’t have a wall up. Dating is supposed to be fun and loving. You can’t spend your love life being afraid, and everything happens for a reason. If one guy doesn’t work out, on to the next!

Good luck out there, ladies!