'Empire' Recap: 'We all got it coming'

If you didn't get the chance to watch Fox's spring premiere of Empire last night, boy did you miss a lot! We've got Hakeem struggling with daddy issues, Camilla taking over Empire, Rhonda dealing with a miscarriage, Andre still battling bi-polar disorder, and maybe Cookie and Lucious being reunited.  

The fall finale ended with Hakeem voting against his dad being the CEO of Empire and, believe me, Lucious ain't going to let that one go. We all know Lucious has a dark past and he even confessed to Hakeem that he killed Uncle Bunkie for the Empire and questioned if Hakeem has the balls to do the things that he does for the love of his company. You can bet that the battle between Daddy Lyon and his cub isn't ending any time soon. 

The cougar strikes back! After being paid off and banished by Lucious, Camilla decides that she and her wife, Mimi, are going to make their move and take Lucious' Empire away from him. Camilla knows that Hakeem hopes to become the new CEO so she uses him as her puppet. But what Camilla doesn't know is that Hakeem may have other motives that she isn't aware of.

SPOILER ALERT! The baby doesn't make it. The last time we saw Rhonda, she was being pushed down the stairs of her mansion by Anika (aka Boo Boo Kitty) and the opening scenes of last night's episode show her lying at the bottom of the stairs bleeding all over the place. Rhonda lays there and pleads with God to save the baby and that she originally didn't care what happened to. It finally showed how much the baby means to her and Andre.

When Andre gets to the hospital and hears the news that the baby didn't make it, his breakdown hits you right in the feels! In my opinon the baby is what brought Rhonda and Andre closer and I am interested to see if losing the baby is going to put a strain on their relationship. In the premiere, we see that Rhonda has no idea that this wasn't an accidental fall, but the flashback of her being pushed comes back when she returns home from the hospital and tries to walk back up the stairs, only to fall back down. 

Cookie and Lucious may fight like cats and dogs, but they always seem to have each other's backs through thick and thin. When the going gets tough they're always there to fight for one another. They definitley have a lot of issues and anger towards one another, but they live by the motto to never turn your back on family. I think that the bond that these two share is really important to who their characters are and I find it pretty odd that they always preach "family over everything," considering Hakeem dropped his last name and turned on his family.

Questions I have about next week's episode are: Is Andre okay mentally? Is Jamal straight now? What's going to happen between Hakeem and Laura? When does the family find out that Anika is pregnant? 

Stay tuned for next Wednesday's episode airing at 9pm on Fox!