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Eleven Times Stranger Things Season 2 Was Exactly What We Wished For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

One year ago, a Netflix Original Series named Stranger Things hit our queues, and we have been obsessed ever since. It feeds into all our wants and desires from a binge-worthy TV show: it has romance, it has adventure, it has drama, it has mystery and the supernatural. So basically, it has a bit of everything; it’s no wonder it’s such a national sensation.

Here’s exclusive footage of me prepping for Season 2’s release:

1. Yes! Eleven’s ALIVE!!! Here’s a look at all of our faces when we found out Hopper has been hiding her in his cabin in the woods:

2. Oooooo…..There’s a number 8…Are we going to see more about 1-7? What about 9 and 10? Could there be a 12?? I need answers! 

3. Eleven is all of us when she sneaks into Hawkins Middle School and makes Max fall off her skate board because she is getting too close to her man, Mike.

4. When Joyce can see the Shadow Monster in Will’s Halloween recording:

5. When Eleven breaks all three of Hopper’s rules and leaves the cabin to go find her Momma:

6. When Eleven goes to Chicago and is getting into some crazy stuff with a band of misfits

7. The sexual frustration between Nancy and Jonathan that results in this hilariously iconic scene:

8. Us when Steve has the best character development, and he acts all protective of the kids and is like a big brother to Dustin:

9. When Nancy asks Dustin to dance because he’s all alone on the bleachers crying because all the girls at Hawkins Middle School are mouth breathers and won’t dance with him:

10. When Mike and Eleven meet up at the Snow Ball and kiss. At least there’s some kind of normalcy and a happy ending for them…for now…

11. Ugh! The ending! So even though Eleven used her super powers or whatever they are to close the gate, the “Upside Down” still exists…and apparently so does the Shadow Monster…Season 3 is going to be interesting, that’s for sure!

So keep calm- there’s only almost a year until Season 3 comes out. Wait, A WHOLE YEAR?! Mark your calendars; we all know what we’ll be doing next Halloween… dressing up like bitchin’ Eleven and binge-watching Season 3. 


(thumbnail photo courtesy of Netflix.com; all gifs courtesy of giphy.com)

I am an Entertainment and Media Studies and Film Studies double major pursuing certificates in Interdisciplinary Writing and New Media. I hail from Acworth, Ga, and enjoy writing, pointing out inaccuracies in movies, and binge watching any highly-rated show on Netflix with a healthy five or more seasons. Outside of stressing for grades I need to maintain Zell, I also enjoy being sarcastic and spending time with my friends.    *Yes, that is my high school senior picture. It cost a lot of money; I have no shame.