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Keeping up with today’s trends feels impossible! It feels like there’s a new fad every week, and when working with a tight budget, it’s so hard to buy cute new clothes in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of shopping with SHEIN, but after learning about the conditions of their workers and other suspicious activities surrounding the company, I’ve worked to look for cheap, yet sustainable, alternatives!

Princess Polly

So Princess Polly is definitely not SHEIN cheap, but they’re a fantastic company. They have the cutest clothes and they have the best mini dress collection I’ve ever browsed, relative to the price. Princess Polly has a 20% student discount that is easy to qualify for, and I LOVE their clearance section. Princess Polly is also sustainable and eco-friendly, with a focus on ethical sourcing, the environment, sustainability, and equality! 


Cider is relatively cheap, and they always have a great clearance section! I’ve personally bought from Cider and can confirm that they produce good quality clothes that will last a while. Cider is also a sustainable and eco-friendly brand, with an entire collection of fashion made from recycled materials! They are also in the process of making all of their packaging biodegradable by the end of 2022! 


Etsy is great for all sorts of things, but also great for handcrafted clothes. Not all shops are super cheap, but with such a wide platform, it’s easy to find something within your price range. Etsy itself has taken massive steps to be more eco-friendly, including offsetting all carbon emissions associated with shipping and transporting products. Just do your research on the shops you’re planning to buy from and read reviews! 

Thrift Stores

There are thrift stores everywhere, making them another great option for sustainable buying. The only thing better than buying new clothes that were sustainably made is not buying any new clothes at all! Thrift stores are perfect for extending the life of clothes that take a lot of resources to make. The prices are affordable for everyone, and even if you can’t find the cutest new top, you can find something cute and upcycle it into the top you’ve always wanted! I’d also encourage you to donate any lightly used, unwanted clothes to your local thrift store to avoid them ending up in landfills.

I’d also encourage you to look at other name brands that are taking steps in the right direction, like Target, American Eagle, Patagonia, and more! Always keep an eye on their clearance racks for budget-friendly, sustainable clothing!

I am a first year studying Graphic Design and Business Marketing! I have a passion for the arts and volunteer service. I love photography, making playlists, and animals!