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Demi Lovato Is A Queen, And Here’s Why

Not only does Demi Lovato have incredible vocal range, but she has also fought internal demons- and she’s not afraid to tell the world.

She’s brutally honest.

In 2017, Demi Lovato released a feature length YouTube documentary that has now been viewed over 14 million times, due to her upfront honesty about the actions and roads she’s taken that made her who she is today. In Simply Complicated, she describes the trials she had due to being a victim of bullying. Demi struggled low self-esteem, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders as a little girl, which led to drug usage and self-harm later down the line as she struggled to begin her career. Demi uses the documentary to dig into the details of her lowered confidence, and even explains half-way through the documentary that she was nervous, because “the last time she did an interview this long, she was on cocaine”. She talks about her recovery process, the people she loves, and advises on how to feel better and get better through newfound confidence.

She’s a business woman.

Body image has always been a thin thread in the sweater of confidence she’s worn. On May 17th, 2017, Demi released a collection with Fabletics, an “athleisure” wear retailer. Demi worked hard to create a line that is all about “finding your strength, feeling comfortable in your own skin and having fun”. The athletic wear company is affordable AND adorable, and a portion of the proceeds go toward Girl Up, a women’s empowerment group in the UK.

She has a passion for the wellbeing of her fans.

It’s no secret that Demi does a lot to occupy her time, but something that many people don’t know is that she was a judge on The X-Factor USA during its second season in 2012. During this season, one of the most memorable performances was given by Jillian Jenson, a young woman who had also had a long history with bullying. Jillian gave an emotional performance that really struck Lovato; they even had matching tattoos to symbolize the obstacles that they’ve fought so hard to overcome. At the end of the song, Demi got on stage and not only hugged her, but gave her words of encouragement through her own tears before sitting back down with the other judges.


You read that right; she boxes! During her recovery, she picked up a few habits to improve her physical and mental health, one of which was boxing. Boxing isn’t the only sport she practices, however. In an interview with The Cut, she opens up about her daily health routine, which includes grabbing coffee, heading to the gym, and indulging in boxing, Ju Jitsu, or kickboxing for an hour before heading home for her post-workout meal.


There is an abundance of celebrities that use their talent and influence solely for fame and self-awareness, but Demi is a grown-up Disney star that beat the odds and became a loving, genuine artist. Demi is an incredible and genuinely talented vocal artist, who holds a heart full of passion for anyone willing to listen to her story or are going through the same hardships. Not only has her selfless character led to a strong fan-base and successful career, but it’s also aiding in stealing the hearts of millions around the world.


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