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Lana Del Rey just released her seventh album “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” on March 19, and it will make you fall for its dreamy melodies and beautiful vocals. Del Rey has been teasing the album for over a year, and it has had fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the studio album to arrive. It’s become obvious that it was worth the wait because it’s climbing the charts quickly and is currently sitting at #5 on Apple Music’s top albums. 

Not only is the whole album a dreamy, soothing, and nostalgic masterpiece, but it makes you fall in love with everything life has to offer. Del Rey was big on making this album focused on the concept of individuality and growth. Her last six studio albums were heavily focused around relationships and romance, whereas COTCC is centered around themes of traditional American life, family, friendships, and self-love. For that reason, many fans are calling this her most authentic album yet.

The album starts off with “White Dress,” which is a song highlighting Del Rey’s time as a waitress in her teenage years. She sings about being confident and seems nostalgic for those years before her fame. Along with the album release on Friday, Del Rey also debuted a music video for “White Dress.” It features her roller-skating on a freeway, which is a nod to her Ride music video and to her roller-skating years as a waitress in a diner. 

Another important theme to this album is fame. Del Rey has been facing major controversy over the past months about a post she made that many people viewed as undermining the success of other singers. Though Del Rey has clarified that she meant no harm to the singers she mentioned (including Ariana Grande and Doja Cat), many have yet to take her apology seriously. She features songs like “For Free” and “Dance Till We Die” to sing about how fame is getting to her. These two songs are big indicators of the nostalgia she put into this album and of the feeling she has of wishing she could go back to those waitress days. 

Songs like “Tusla Jesus Freak,” “Wild At Heart,” “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost,” and “Yosemite” are four very delicate melodies that bring hope to the album. They highlight Del Rey’s zest for adventure and fun, and she emphasizes this through very whisper-like and angelic vocals. The songs “Breaking Up Slowly,” Let Me Love You Like A Woman,” and “Dark But Just a Game” are the more romantic songs that emphasize a relationship. These songs use a darker tone and heavier vocals. Overall, the balance between the soft and strong tones of the songs work beautifully to keep anyone tuned in. 

Del Rey has made us fall in love with another beautiful studio album, and this one might be her most unique and original one yet. Fans worldwide are pleased with the album, and they are beyond happy for Del Rey. Del Rey has emphasized that she worked hard on this one, and it really shows. 

Del Rey has also announced that she has another album coming out on June 1st called “Rock Candy Sweet.” It is really hard to not crush on her and her music, especially when she keeps producing more albums. Go stream this album on your available platforms. It will most definitely have you romanticizing your life.

Natalia Duron is a Journalism major with a minor in Film Studies and Communication Studies. She enjoys writing, drawing, reading, and listening to all genres of music. As a coffee lover, she loves to try new coffee recipes and visit local cafes.
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