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Crikey! 7 Reasons To Love The Irwin Family And Their New Show

Steve Irwin was the crocodile hunter, a lover of all things Australia, an adventurer, a conservationist, animal protector and a hero to all the animal-obsessed kids everywhere. He was a teacher to those who would listen and a voice for the sweet and not-so-sweet creatures that cannot speak for themselves. But most importantly, he was a husband and father to a family he adored. During an interview Steve once said, “When my children can take the football that I call wildlife conservation and run it up. When they’re ready to run up our mission, I will gladly step aside. And I guarantee you, it will be the proudest moment of my life.”

Excuse me while I wipe my tears, but that dream of his has come true and it’s just beautiful. The entire Irwin family has been carrying on Steve’s legacy in different ways since his passing and this show is just further proof that he would be so proud.

Crikey! It’s the Irwins is Animal Planet’s new show hosted by the family themselves. Terri, Bindi and Robert give viewers an up-close look of the Australia Zoo, where they not only work, but also where they live. From the cutest little baby koalas to fierce and hungry crocodiles, their zoo has it all. Their mission is to educate people about these animals, protect endangered species and nurse sick/injured animals back to health. According to Terri Irwin, the zoo’s hospital has saved over 76,000 animals since opening. Their mission is to protect and respect all creatures, so that wildlife can be maintained for future generations. Also, they’re just super cool people. 

If you’re not already obsessed with this precious Australian family by now, let me give you a few reasons to be. 

1) Steve and Terri are proof that love at first sight is real.

When they both recount the story of their first meeting, they say they fell in love the instant they saw each other. At a chance meeting at a tiny little wildlife center owned by Steve’s family that would one day inspire the much larger Australia zoo, the two met after a crocodile feedings show. Terri decided to visit the little place on a whim after deciding she would never get another chance and boy are we glad she did. After meeting, the two took a very cute and iconic picture, later exchanged phone numbers and after a trip to America for his very first Thanksgiving, the rest was history. There love story was wild from the very beginning and oh-so-fitting for the adventures they would share together. Steve and Terri are truly the definition of couple goals. 

2) Robert Irwin is crazy good at photography…and feeding crocodiles???

There is no doubt that Steve would be immensely proud of his son, who was very young when his father passed. His passions are just like that of his dad, but they look just a little different. Robert enjoys taking photos of animals in their natural habitats and he certainly has the knack for it. In addition to the gallery of photos he is building, the 14-year-old has been training under Steve’s best friend Wes, a long time zookeeper at the Australian Zoo, to learn how to feed the crocodiles and perform the famous zoo’s show. He is fearless and just so adorable. 

3) Bindi Irwin is pure sunshine. 

There is no doubt that she got the always positive, constantly encouraging, extremely optimistic personality that radiates out of her from her father. The two were best friends right from the start and Steve took no time before introducing her to the animals he loved so dearly. Bindi was his little sidekick from the beginning and she continues to spread his message and love on the creatures with the courage he instilled in her from day one. It just seems like neither of them are afraid of anything. Finally, identical to the reaction of those who had the pleasure of meeting Steve, everyone who comes in contact with Bindi gushes over how inexplicably wonderful she is to be around. 

4) Steve had an enthusiasm for life and adventure that was contagious. 

Although some might have seen him as a little crazy, he was exactly who his biggest fans needed him to be. He was excited and ready to have the very best day every single day. He was carefree yet he cared so much for the people and animals around him. He taught children and any fan for that matter to respect and be in awe of nature and all the things that lived in it. If you were anything like my brother and I, your childhood consisted of games that required being Steve and rescuing toy animals from the “dangers” found in the different rooms of our home. He was just the coolest guy on the planet and there was really no one else like him.

5) Steve Irwin was a real life superhero. 

Sometimes I just remember that this man actually did THAT. He picked up venomous snakes in the wild, just to say where they store the venom and how quickly it kills its prey. He touched spiders that are bigger than any spider I ever hope to see in my life. He pulled over on the side of the road to rescue a baby kangaroo whose mother had been hit by a car and proceeded to put it in a pillowcase to mimic the mother’s pouch. He went out on a boat with a flashlight searching for glowing crocodile eyes and then jumped in the dark water to wrangle it. He risked his well-being to rescue a croc that was unknowingly in danger and then release it in a safe habitat where it could live free from the risk of human predators. He took every opportunity to teach and learn.  

6) Their accents.

Who doesn’t love an Australian accent? I mean come on, people. Everything sounds cooler if you say it with an Australian accent and that’s just the simple truth. Also, the all-khaki outfits are everything. Honestly, it’s just difficult to find things about this family that we don’t love.

7) The Irwin family ADORES each other.

Every interaction ever observed between these three is just precious. The love, kindness and support is incredible and always constant. Their teamwork has not only kept Steve’s work going, but it has flourished thanks to their hard work and dedication. We don’t even know them and we couldn’t possibly be more proud. 

Thank you Steve for every wonderful childhood memory and the countless lessons we learned from you. And thank you to Terri, Bindi and Robert for carrying on your dad’s legacy to protect all animals and educate people about the beauty of nature even when nature is scaly and terrifying. We will absolutely be tuning in for every episode. Let’s all just take a trip to the Australia Zoo and meet them in person? Sound good? Cool, I’ll meet you there.

Senior at UGA & an aspiring writer. Entertainment and Media major. I love Jesus, my family, Harry Styles, cozy blankets and getting emotionally attached to tv and movie characters.
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