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Cosmic Lessons on Saturn Return From Ariana Grande and SZA

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If you’ve been tuning into recent music releases, you might have noticed that artists Ariana Grande and SZA have songs related to the planet Saturn. Popular astrologer Diana Garland shares wise insight in “Saturn Returns Interlude” on Ariana Grande’s new album Eternal Sunshine. On the other hand, SZA has released her highly anticipated song “Saturn” which was performed at the 2024 Grammy’s. You might be wondering what the significance of Saturn means to these artists. It all has to do with the return of Saturn. But what exactly is Saturn’s return?

Saturn changes zodiac signs every three years, which means it takes about thirty years to complete its journey through all twelve zodiac signs. This makes its return to one’s Saturn placement a significant event. The return will be three years of your life characterized by chaos, life-changing events, and stressful times. It occurs three times in a person’s life, with the first instance typically around the age of thirty.

Despite its rather ominous premise, it’s a fascinating phenomenon in astrology. However, it teaches you to “wake up and smell the coffee,” as explained by Diana Garland in “Saturn Returns Interlude.” With this transit, we are encouraged to get serious about who we want to be and the trajectory of our lives.

Saturn is associated with detachment, strictness, and boundaries. While unyielding, it rewards those who do their inner work. This planet is associated with the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Individuals with placements in these signs often feel Saturn’s influence more intensely. Interestingly, both artists have prominent Saturnian placements in their astrological charts according to Astro-Charts. Ariana Grande has a Capricorn rising, while SZA has an Aquarius rising and Capricorn placements for both Venus and Saturn. It’s no surprise that they both resonate strongly with the concept of Saturn’s return.

SZA’s lyrics capture the sense of helplessness, detachment, and existential crises that often accompany this astrological event. Lines like “If there’s a point to being good, where’s my reward?” and “It’s all the same, I hate this place” express the emotional turmoil associated with Saturn’s return.

On the other hand, Ariana Grande presents a different perspective, urging us to embrace the changes brought about by Saturn’s return. Despite the challenges and the feeling that life may be falling apart, Ariana suggests that ultimately, we emerge stronger and better equipped for what lies ahead.

It’s important to note that not everyone’s experience of Saturn’s return or astrology will be the same. While astrology can serve as a tool for self-reflection and understanding, individual interpretations may vary widely.

Leticia is a third-year Management Information Systems and Communications student at the University of Georgia. A few of her interests include astrology, reading, writing, and watching movies with friends!