Candles to Transport You Around the World

Okay, I know the title seems far-fetched, but stick with me! It’s not safe (or affordable) to be traveling internationally right now, no matter how much we might want to. Sometimes something as small as a candle scent can lift your mood and make you forget about whatever worries you’re facing, if only for a little while. Plus, supporting small businesses is always a great idea!

  1. 1. Surround yourself with vanilla beans from Madagascar.

    trees near pathway in madagascar

    The wildlife isn’t the only amazing thing in Madagascar—it’s also one of the top vanilla-producing countries. Grab a vanilla-scented candle for a sweet escape to an island with lemurs, sea turtles, and baobabs. Find a great vanilla candle here from Terra Vela or here from Serenity Scent Co. on Etsy.

  2. 2. Breathe in pine in the Pacific Northwest.

    pacific northwest pine trees

    Don’t restrict pine to being solely Christmassey scent—with all the pine trees in the PNW, it’s definitely a year-round thing! Enjoy the woodsy scent, and imagine you’re camping (or glamping, if that’s more your style) under the stars. Local small business Rekindle Candle Co. has a great Northwestern Pinewood candle to take you straight to the West Coast, while Colonial Candle brings you to Alaska with their travel series!

  3. 3. Take in eucalyptus in Australia. 

    koala sleeping in eucalyptus tree

    Eucalyptus has been used medicinally for a long time, and its distinctive smell is a favorite for spas. Light a eucalyptus candle, and imagine you’re down under cuddling with koalas—it can’t get much better than that. Alder and Loam has a great option on Etsy, and Thymes has a whole eucalyptus body care line, including this candle.

  4. 4. Experience the desert bloom in Joshua Tree National Park.

    white flowers at joshua tree national park

    This beautiful annual bloom is something everyone should experience in their lifetime—but until then, let the scent of cactus flower take you there!  Once again, Rekindle Candle Co. has just the candle for the job: Desert Bloom. But Valkyrie Candle on Etsy is another great option.

  5. 5. Escape to lavender fields in Provence, France.

    lavender field in france at sunset

    Lavender is known to be a relaxing and calming scent that’s great for anyone feeling a little stressed out. Just imagine you’re in the French countryside, relaxing in the sun and enjoying that je ne sais quoi ambiance. Find an amazing lavender candle here from Mrs. Meyers or here from Bewicks Candle Co. on Etsy.

  6. 6. Sit underneath a cherry blossom tree in Japan.

    Close Up Photography Of Cherry Blossom Tree

    Cherry blossom trees are breathtaking when they’re blooming, and the subtle floral smell only adds to the experience—there’s a reason there are springtime celebrations of the blooms in Japan. Soy + Cedar has a great wood burning option, and Golden Child Candles on Etsy has a traditional wick option.

While it’s not a full global tour, hopefully you’ve got a few new places and smells on your radar! Put on some location-appropriate TV show (looking at you, Emily in Paris) or grab a location-specific book (like Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh for Japan) to enhance the worldly effect—here’s to traveling in the safest way possible!