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You may have seen the newest TikTok trend of a partner going shopping for something called a “Boo Basket” for their girlfriend, usually to tears of joy in response — but what goes into a Boo Basket? And why should we all make one this October? If your love language is gift-giving, this is a must-do for your partner, best friend, or even yourself! Or you can subtly send this list their way as a hint to get you one…we won’t tell.

The first thing to know about a Boo Basket is that it’s very personalized — the only requirement being a container full of autumn or Halloween-themed items (and just personally, I think they should all contain something edible). This is usually done as a surprise for someone you love, and more often than not the reaction is posted for TikTok, which is definitely not a requirement.

But what can go into a Boo Basket? Here are plenty of ideas:

Something Fuzzy
Anna Schultz-Socks And Laptop In Bed
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Usually, this item is a cozy blanket or throw. My personal favorites are this adorable pumpkin one and this cuddly black cat one, or if you’re looking for something more autumnal than Halloween-y, there’s an adorable all-things-pumpkin-spice blanket.

This can also be some fuzzy socks! Some adorable options are these stylish options and these spooky ones!

A Candle

This may just be the overexcited nerd in me, but I recently discovered CE Craft’s book and music-themed candles and they’re all over my wishlist now. My favorite scents of theirs are their Stars Hollow candle, their All Too Well candle (if you want it to smell like fall 2021 because who wouldn’t), or their impressive collection of Sarah J Maas book candles.

Bath and Body Works also has some gorgeous ones, like this one that I’m tempted to get for the art alone.

A Plushie

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit this is on here because I wish someone would gift me a plushie…but that’s neither here nor there. Jellycat’s Amuseables collection is something TikTok has been raving about for ages, and their 2023 seasonal collection is everything. There are of course two different kinds of little smiley pumpkins and even a more subtle coffee cup if you’re like me and crave a hot latte to truly appreciate fall.

If these are out of your price range — which I totally get because they’re adorable but also my whole savings account — then Target once again steps up with cheap but high-quality Halloween items. That includes this perfect little bat in multiple colors, as well as an array of Halloween Squishmallows.


This one is relatively easy as you can pick up cheap candy anywhere, but if you want to splurge a little more on your boo, this potato chip chocolate bar by Chuao Chocolatier is one of my favorites of all time.

However, to stay in theme, the Halloween Cadbury Scream Eggs are also appropriately spooky as well.

A Cute Cup or Mug

Okay, I know autumn is the season of warm drinks…but I’m a sucker for an iced coffee no matter the weather. This trendy iced coffee cup for the girls is exactly my Halloween vibe.

But I definitely can’t shame anyone for loving a hot drink, especially not when it would look so cute in a mug like this witchy one or this detailed ghost mug that’s guaranteed to get you an “OMG where’d you get that?!”

Matching Pajamas

Once again, this one comes from wishing someone would get me these. To match with your boo or bestie is the highest form of love, and these simple ghost and pumpkin ones are perfect for that. Or if you’re leaning a little less conventional, the color scheme on these Hocus Pocus pajama pants is absolutely hot-girl Halloween vibes.

Keeping on the movie theme, these Coraline button pants caught my attention right away for my favorite movie that traumatized me as a kid.

With all of these elements in your adorable basket, you can show your boo or bestie some love this Halloween!

Josie is a writer and editor at Her Campus at the University of Georgia. She enjoys writing about pop-culture, entertainment, and important current events. When not writing for Her Campus, Josie is working on an English degree with a specialization in marketing to pursue a career in publishing. She has written before for her former sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, as their Body Positivity Coordinator, where she regularly published her writings on the topic in a newsletter and on their social media. In her free time, Josie enjoys reading, watching video essays about subjects she'll never need to know about, and rewatching Grey's Anatomy. Her personal mission is to read at least 4 books a month, which has not quite been accomplished yet.