The Lalaassorted Nail Polish

8 Spring Nail Designs to Try This Season

As someone who always has a fresh set of nails on, new seasons mean new colors to paint my nails! The first day of spring isn't officially until March 19th, but until then, here are some super cute manicures to get you through the rest of winter! 

  1. 1. Spring means flowers!

    Blossom with these new buds.

  2. 2. Color ombre is always in style!

    Ombre is never not cool.

  3. 3. Spring means bright colors!

    Vibrant colors will catch people's eyes.

  4. 4. More pretty flower designs!

    Because who doesn't love flowers?

  5. 5. Spring means cute pastels!

    Pastels are just so pretty.

  6. 6. Love these butterfly nails!

    Nothing says spring like butterflies.

  7. 7. More floral, but roses!

    It wouldn't be spring without these.

  8. 8. More bright colors!

    So colorful!

New season, new nails! What trend are you looking forward to most!