7 Things You Can Relate To If You Have Glasses

Remember the day you got glasses? Everything from trees to classroom white boards to road signs seemed a whole lot clearer. Is this what seeing is always like for people with 20/20 vision naturally?! However, having glasses isn't all that easy. Here's 7 things you can relate to if you wear glasses.


1. Your worst fear is losing your glasses.

Anyone else lose their glasses... while they were on top of their head? As much as we'd like to say we always remember where we set them before taking a shower or going to sleep, sometimes that's just not the case. The worst part is that it'd be a lot easier to find your glasses if you had your glasses on so you could see. And don't forget the many near mishaps of sitting or stepping on your only pair of glasses. 


2. Picking new frames is the hardest decision of the year.

What's trendy? Will it still be trendy next month? You've got to stick with these frames for the foreseeable future, so you should probably try on 36 pairs and then debate between the first two you tried on for half an hour. Just to be safe.


3. When it rains...

It pours. It's always a struggle when your umbrella or hood can't stop the rain from getting on your glasses, which totally blurs your vision. And then you have to find something dry to wipe them off with!


4. If you need them to see far away...

You may take them off to do close-sight things, like reading or working on your laptop. Here's to hoping nobody waved at you and you missed it because any faces more than three feet away are indistinguishable!


5. Going to a 3D movie means you've gotta rock the double glasses.

Four eyes, for real.


6. People asking to try on your glasses.

Okay, so this was more of an elementary school thing. But still, people thought they could tell "how blind" a glasses-wearer was by trying on their spectacles. Not cool, dude.


7. When they fog up...

It happens all the time, and yet it's still surprising. If you're baking and open the oven or peer over a boiling pot, or if you go into a warm room from the cold outside, your glasses will definitely fog up. And people will definitely notice.

Regardless of the bad things associated with glasses, we'd pick them over contacts any day. We're all grateful that we can see and be successful humans who can read and drive and do everything we couldn't do if we didn't have our prescriptions. Thanks, glasses!



Cover Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash