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7 Reasons To Avoid Cuffing Season At All Costs

Cuffing season. You hear about it all the time. Finding that other lucky person and cuddling up in front of a fire with them with a steaming mug of hot coffee in your hands. Even those who aren’t the type to settle down and commit to one person are hopping on the annual wave of finding “the one.” But here’s why you should stay away from this trap and remain single, especially when you’re in college:

1. It Takes Time Away From You

Your four years of college are very important as they decide what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. This is the time to be selfish! Having to juggle a romantic life along with school work, friendships and personal time is a hassle. Instead of dedicating your time at school to constantly seeking out “the one,” do your own thing instead. Love will happen eventually.

2. A False Sense of Security

Having a S.O. to cuddle with won’t solve your problems or your insecurities. Most people have this false knowledge that getting with someone will automatically make everything wrong in the world vanish. Though it is normal to feel that way, it’s certainly not healthy. Love yourself first before giving yourself to someone else.

3. Lower Standards

Never settle. I have seen so many girls pouring their hearts out over a boy who is not even worth their time because they are so eager to jump into a relationship. I’ve found that it’s easier for them to evaluate the worth of a relationship if it was their friend going through the same thing or their future daughter—have the same standards for you! Don’t put up with anything that seems even the slightest bit toxic. Know your worth.

4. The College Hookup Culture

Hooking up can be fun at times, but most of the times people hope to end up in a relationship in the end. Let’s face it: a lot of guys in college only want sex, so unless that is explicitly stated and you’re totally fine with that in the beginning, then it could end up in a mess of awkward encounters and mixed feelings. Just avoid this at all cost and go out with the gals instead!

5. More Alone Time

Though this may sound depressing, most people actually yearn for this in the midst of their busy lives. It allows you to improve on self-love which is more satisfying than giving yourself to another person. Love yourself before giving yourself to someone else (plus more hot chocolate for you).

6. Space

Cherish the bed space that you have. Freshmen, don’t even try fitting two people on that twin XL in a snug dorm. Allow yourself to sprawl out on the sheets of the queen bed because if you were to share that with someone, I’ll just say that it’s going to get really stuffy really quick. When the heater’s turned up to full blast in the winter, that’s the last thing that you want.

7. Distractions!

Cuffing season unfortunately overlaps with midterms and finals, and having a boo-thang is the last thing that you want to focus on when cramming for your chemistry final. Do your own thing and just breathe! Continuously bettering yourself is important in helping you flourish in college and be the best person that you can be!

To cuff or not to cuff is up to you.

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