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7 Characters Returning to Once Upon A Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Season six of Once Upon A Time is jam-packed with eight main characters, plus the new recurring characters of Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar. Along with these new faces, several old friends will be returning to the show this season.

*Spoiler Warning*

1. Dr. Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket

After disappearing for a season, the kind cricket-turned-psychologist returned in the season six premiere. Raphael Sbarge is set to return multiple times this season. This is excellent, because after five seasons of chaos, it’s likely the OUAT main characters could use some therapy.

2. Ashley Boyd/Cinderella

Last seen in season one, it’s exciting to know Jessie Schram will reprise her role as the iconic princess. It’s speculated that we’ll see more backstory on Snow White and Cinderella’s friendship in episode 6×03, “The Other Shoe.”

3. The Dragon

Although the audience believed the mysterious “Dragon,” played by Tzi Ma, was killed in the season five finale, the executive producers have said he will return in season six. It is likely he’s under the control of the Evil Queen.

4. Ruth

The audience hasn’t seen Prince Charming’s mother, played by Gabrielle Rose, since season four, when we were introduced to a younger, longer-haired version of David. The show has never shown David’s childhood, so perhaps we’ll get to see a younger version of Josh Dallas’ character.

5. Doctor Whale / Victor Frankenstein

The last two times Dr. Whale, played by David Anders, has appeared, he’s been slammed into a wall by a villain after delivering a baby. This time around may be different, as Dr. Jekyll has taken up residence in Storybrooke. 

6. “Morpheus”

Introduced in the season six premiere, this surprising character left the audience with questions. Luckily, the executive producers have said Giles Matthey will return in his role as Belle and Rumple’s adult son (name unknown) – but that reveal in the premiere has us hoping he’s back sooner rather than later.

7. Robin Hood

Season five ended with Robin’s sudden and unexpected death. It seemed as if we’d never see Sean Maguire on OUAT again – until they confirmed he will be in multiple episodes of season six. “Excited to head back to @OnceABC but how, why, dead or alive?……We’ll see,” tweeted Sean after his return was confirmed.

…. And here are three characters we hope will return in season six!

1. Tinkerbell

Rose McIver’s run on Once was tragically limited to season three. However, Tink was last seen in Storybrooke, and it’s entirely likely she’s still there.  Rose McIver’s new show, iZombie, films in Vancouver, which is where OUAT films. Hopefully, season six shows us what she’s been up to.

2. Mulan

Jamie Chung has appeared in multiple seasons of OUAT, but there’s no word on if she’ll be back in season six. This warrior is always fun to watch on screen. She’s gone on adventures with Belle, Ruby, Aurora, and Merida, but the audience still doesn’t know if Mulan ever found a “happily ever after”. 

3. Jefferson / The Mad Hatter

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see Sebastian Stan walking around Storybrooke again, but hey, we can hope. He terrified us in season one and broke our hearts in season two upon his reunion with his daughter. We can’t help but wonder what adventures Jefferson and Grace have gone on since we’ve seen them last.

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