7 Books Coming Out This Year To Put On Your Reading List

A new year means a new lineup of books to be excited about reading. Common themes that are in these books are boss women finding their ways in today's society or ancient Arabian vibes that we are all here for. Below is a list of suggestions of novels to be added to your "to-be-read" list. Mark your calendars because there are a lot of great books coming out this year. 

1. "Queenie" by Candice Carty-Williams

​We can all relate to Queenie in many different ways. She is definitely a modern woman who is searching for meaning in today's world. The character of Queenie is a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman who is residing in London. Like many of us, she's constantly comparing herself to her peers. Queenie is very much trying to answer the questions we all want to answer, such as, "What are we going to do with our lives?"; "Why are we doing the things we're currently doing?"; or "Who do we want to be?" This novel will be coming out on March 19.

2. "We Hunt the Flame" by Hafsah Faizal

If you like exploring new and exciting fictional worlds, this is a book for you. This novel also has many dystopian vibes, which create a strong female character that we can all get behind. The story throws together Arz and Nasir (a hunter and the prince of death) as they are pinned against each other in a story full of twists and turns where both characters find out that their world isn't quite what it seems. This story is inspired by ancient Arabia with a richly detailed world and many different plot lines that intertwine beautifully. This novel will be debuting on May 14. 

3. "Mist, Metal, and Ash" by Gwendolyn Clare 

This novel is the second in the Ink, Iron, and Glass series that captured our interest when it came out last year. This is a story where the past isn't quite what it seems. The second novel follows Elsa as she attempts to recover the book that allows her to create new worlds before it is used for evil. Clare creates an intricate world that we would love to explore further. The character of Elsa also has some self-discovery along her journey which we can get behind as a strong woman is formed. This novel will be released on Feb. 19.

4. "The Black Coats" by Colleen Oakes

The Black Coats is a novel that relates directly to the famous #metoo movement. The novel follows Thea as she becomes involved with the Black Coats society, which is a group who has been exacting vengeance on men who hurt girls and women. In the novel, we meet many girls and women who all have different stories of how men crossed the line. This is a great novel not only because it brings to light many stories that are common among women outside the pages of the novel, but also because it explores the line between justice and revenge. It will be an interesting read to discover how Thea copes with avenging her cousin's death. This novel will be released on Feb. 12. 

5. "Spectacle" by Jodie Lynn Zdrok 

This novel is a mix of a modern woman before her time and a mystery that'll have you unable to put the book down. Spectacle follows Nathalie Baudin who writes for the daily morgue column for a publication called Le Petit Journal in Paris 1887. We follow Nathalie as she pursues a murderer in her attempts to discover the killer's identity before she herself becomes a victim. If you love a clever and brave heroine, this novel will be an interesting read. This book will be released on Feb. 12. 

6.  "Comics Will Break Your Heart" by Faith Erin Hicks

If you watched and loved Amazon Prime's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, this is a novel that will have you laughing just as much as you did while watching the show. The novel follows Miriam and her family legacy. They should have been rich, as her grandfather was the co-creator of a famous and successful comic series. When a cute boy shows up in town, Miriam quickly discovers that he is the grandson of the man who defrauded her grandfather. Hicks creates an endearing and hilarious Romeo and Juliet tale that will have us all wondering what it will take to bring these two families together. What a surprise! This novel will be released on Feb. 12. 

7. "The Gilded Wolves" by Roshani Chokshi 

Like it is referred to in the title, this novel explores the time period of the gilded age. The novel follows Severin, who is sought out by the Order of Babel for his help locating an ancient artifact. A band of unlikely people are thrown together to accomplish this task. Each of these members is motivated by their own needs but come together to make the dream team. This novel features a glittering description of Paris during the late 1800's. This book was released on Jan. 15. 

Mark your calendars and get ready to read some exciting debut series that will have you feeling a range of emotions. We can't wait to see where these stories will take us. 

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