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We’ve all made a playlist before— whether it was for a road trip, a party, a friend, or the mini concert we all have in the shower from time to time. However, after a while it can feel like your playlists are getting repetitive, you’re using the same songs over and over, and all of them have the same vibe with no real versatility. Here are some ways to take your playlists to the next level.

Give your playlist a clever name

It’s super easy to just give it a simple name like “Sad Songs” or “Break-up Playlist”. Using something more personalized and unique can make the playlist feel more special. Try using song lyrics, quotes, inside jokes, or specific references as titles instead to switch it up!

Give it A fun Description

Even though it might be easy to understand the feel of your playlist from the title or the songs on it, a description can provide even more context and insight on how you’d like it to be interepreted. These don’t have to be long, detailed descriptions either. You can copy the same format for giving it a name: lyrics, quotes, jokes, references, and more can make a really cool description.

Add a playlist cover

Spotify automatically makes the cover for your playlist a collage of the first 4 album covers that appear in your playlist. When you’re scrolling through your library, it can be easy to mix your playlists up if you’re not paying close attention to the names because the collages look so similar. Adding a cute or fun picture as an identifier can make it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for, and it makes your song library much more pleasing to look at.

Side Note: It’s even more fun to give your covers a theme or an aesthetic. You can also find pictures that go along with whatever the playlist is about! Pinterest is a great place to find some really cool photos to use. You can even start a Pinterest board of playlist covers so you always have some to refer back to!

Get inspired

And by “get inspired”, we mean steal.

Not literally, but don’t be afraid to search for playlists that other people have made to get some song inspiration. Find some playlists that match the same energy as the playlist you’re going for, and go from there. Scroll through a few and add some songs that you might not have thought about adding, or that you may have missed.

step outside your comfort zone

One thing Spotify is good at is suggesting new music to you based on what you already listen to. They make several playlists for you with new music from artists you haven’t listened to, and they’ll even suggest new songs that you might not have seen from musicians you already follow. Give these a listen and you might find some new favorites! This will definitely help you get out of a cycle of always using the same songs and artists in your playlists.

Be creative!

Remember that this is your Spotify account! Be as silly or as serious as you want. But also keep in mind that there’s tons of different things to make playlists for if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You can make playlists to reflect fictional characters, specific situations or memories, book or movie tropes, and even those super niche thoughts and feelings that nobody but you has ever felt. Don’t confine yourself to the same, generic playlist form.

Happy playlist making!

Gabby Floyd is a fourth year Special Education major at UGA. She loves social justice, Olive Garden breadsticks, and Spider-Man movies. In her free time, she's usually reading, binge watching Glee, or making niche Spotify playlists.