6 Types Of People On Valentine's Day As Told By 'New Girl'

Valentine's Day. It brings out the best and the worst in people. No matter what kind of person you are on Valentine's Day, you are certainly not the only one. Here are six types of people you always see on Valentine's Day as told by the show New Girl.

The Lone Romantic

There is the type of person who, when single on Valentine's Day, does not know how to handle the excessive amount of love in the air. This person may opt to stay home and watch romantic movies and dream of couple goals and OTPs. There may or may not be tears involved, but there is no wrong way to do Valentine's Day.

“That” Couple

There is always that one couple that is always putting up a show of PDA, making others want what that couple has or want to get as far away from that couple as possible. They can usually be spotted in the most public of places like restaurants, downtown or on campus.

The Ultimate Single Girl

You’ve got the single girl who doesn’t quite know how to flirt with guys, let alone how to act around them. She is awkward in the cutest way and sometimes gets nervous around cute boys. She can usually be spotted hanging out with her gal-pals while they give her helpful advice and moral support.

Fake Prince Charming

There are usually a few guys who try to pick up girls on Valentine's Day. Typically they act as charming as possible to make girls believe they may have found their dream man. They are pretty easy to spot because they are typically obnoxious with the flirting and complimenting

The Anti-Valentine's Day-er

The person who just hates Valentine's Day. There can’t be this holiday without them. They have a tendency to be very angry and disliking of everything and everyone. Best thing to do around these people is to NOT bring up the fact that it's Valentine's Day because that will just add more fuel to their fire.

The Galentines

You’ve got the Galentine's Day girl squad. They tend to be a friend group of single girls who own Valentine's Day—date or no date. They always make the most of the holiday and know how to have a good time. Whether they are out dancing, having a movie and spa night, or just going out to eat, they don’t think twice about being single.

Hope you had a great and safe Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day). In the words of Nick Miller…