6 Shows That Need To Be Cancelled Already

With the rise of social media as well as many new outlets for viewing shows, one can argue that watching television, whether it's through Netflix, Hulu or other platforms, has become society's new pastime and it has taken college campuses by storm. We do it in between classes, right after a test, during a date and sometimes even during class if it’s that good. These platforms have created many amazing shows, but occasionally they will slip up and give us a bad show and sometimes it takes us watching all of season one to realize it. Here are six shows that should be canceled in the near future.

1. Insatiable

This shows stars Debbie Ryan and follows the story of a former fat girl who loses weight and seeks to be in a beauty pageant in order to get revenge on those she hates. This story sends mixed messages on how girls should act based on their body type. Throughout the season the main character isn’t really the nicest and isn’t really compassionate toward the people that support and love her, and she uses her trauma of being bullied as a reason. Also, the story isn’t really attention-grabbing, but it will make you want to know what happens just for the sake of finishing the show. Cancel.

2. The Good Place

This show follows the story of a woman who ends up in heaven, or “The Good Place,” when she knows she belongs in hell because she was an awful human being on Earth. I love Kristin Bell, but this show isn’t her finest hour. The humor on the show is really dry, and the story moves really slow. The problem isn’t really the actors but more of the story and writing. Cancel.

3. Riverdale

This show is about a group of high school kids who solve mysteries in their hometown of Riverdale. They face issues of murder, illegal drugs and recently a game that possesses and kills students.  As a defender of this show for the first season and half of season two, I am very disappointed with season three. The cast is amazing, but the writing is getting sloppy. It seems like the show is running out of storylines, and when did Riverdale become musical and supernatural? Part of it may be because they need to stick with the CW teen brand, but that is what keeps it in a box and prevents it from growing. Cancel.

4. Supernatural

This show is about two brothers who hunt ghosts, demons and numerous supernatural beings in order to keep society safe. This show had a strong following and did really well at the beginning but now it seems that the story is going in so many directions just to get the attention of its viewers. This show seems drown-out and should have ended after season five. Cancel.

5. Grey's Anatomy

This show follows the stories of numerous doctors, it's drama filled and captivating, but it has gone on for long enough. I will admit the show was good and I loved that it gave a platform for diversity, but this show didn’t need a season 15. Like many of these shows listed, this show is running out of ideas and we can tell. Cancel.

6. Good Trouble

This show follows the story of two sisters who move to L.A. to pursue their dreams, one being a lawyer and another being a video game creator. This show is a spin-off of The Fosters. First of all, it’s great that The Fosters ended because it just dragged a story on that needed to already end. It kept repeating story lines just to keep the audience interested and this spin-off isn’t any better. Good Trouble is still on its first season but the storytelling seems to be the same. It definitely should stop after this first season. Cancel.Although not all these shows were terrible after their first couple of seasons, they gradually started dragging and that just makes for bad TV. We can live without these shows in the future, but that's just my opinion.