6 Shows I've Been Watching on Peacock for Study Breaks

With a stressful semester like this, sometimes the best way to clear your mind and combat mental burnout is a nice night spent watching TV shows you enjoy, for maybe a few hours too long...oops! If you are looking for great feel-good shows to watch or have on in the background while you do other things, look no further than NBC’s newest streaming platform, Peacock.

  1. 1. Modern Family

    You may have seen a few episodes here and there on ABC when it was airing every week, but now is the perfect time to watch it from the beginning because the series has concluded! With bits and pieces of the storyline, it can be tough to see the character arcs of each member of the Pritchett-Tucker-Delgado clan (especially the younger actors who grew up on the show). The show tackles real issues in society and represents a blended family with people from different backgrounds and sexualities that many watchers can relate to. The comedy in each 21-minute episode is unmatched and I cannot recommend this show enough!

  2. 2. Brooklyn 99

    From the wonderful mind of Michael Schur, one of the creators of Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and a writer and producer of the American version of The Office, the lives of Brooklyn’s finest detectives are the main focus of this sitcom. Something about the relatable settings of the workplace pull viewers in and the comedic timing of every scene and line of dialogue makes you stay! The first 7 seasons are on Peacock now and Season 8, the final season, will be available sometime this year!

  3. 3. The Office (US Version)

    People either love or hate The Office, but if you are like me and you have watched the entire show multiple times, you were quite bummed when it left Netflix earlier this year. The first 3 seasons are free on Peacock for everyone but if you already have Xfinity or pay for Peacock Premium, you can access all of the seasons, bonus extended seasons, and extras such as webisodes, character compilations, and interviews of the cast. I recommend checking out their blooper reels!

  4. 4. 3rd Rock from the Sun

    This 90s sitcom starred a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt alongside John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, and French Stewart, and tells the story of four male aliens who come to Earth and get placed in the body of a young pubescent boy, a man in his young twenties, an attractive female, and an older male professor. They try and pass as earthlings with all of the social and physical challenges that come with the new lifestyle. Between trying to complete their mission and have friendships and relationships with the humans they meet on Earth, it's safe to say this new journey on Earth comes with many challenges. The show is hilarious and unlike other shows on TV right now. 3rd Rock From the Sun really shows that the true bond of a family transcends earthly boundaries! 

  5. 5. Cheers

    Another blast from the past, this 80s sitcom takes place in a quaint bar where everyone that comes in is valued and a part of the family. Similar to Friends, the relationships between frequent customers and the bartenders really represent the bonds we all want to have with our friends. If you are a fan of Ted Danson and his dreamy looks, you have to see him as the suave Sam Malone! He’s so charismatic as the bar owner of Cheers, you wouldn’t even know Danson was terrified to play this character. You may recognize some veteran actors such as John Ratzenberger, who lends his voice to characters in almost every Pixar Movie (remember Hamm from the Toy Story franchise?) or Woody Harrelson, Haymitch in the Hunger Games franchise. This is probably a show your parents used to watch and this could be a great bonding moment when you share that you have fallen in love with this show!

  6. 6. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    This show is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. Normally, I wouldn’t spend much time of my life watching some rich family on TV do things only rich people do, but once I start, it’s hard to stop! I recently started with Season 16 to see more updated episodes and all of the Tristan and Jordyn drama that was all over the tabloids in 2019. I don’t usually follow celebrity drama, but for something playing in the background while I do other work, this was a perfect choice. The great thing about this show is the sheer amount of episodes in this series! The shows can play on and on and on and you probably will never run out of content. Again, this show is not for everyone, but if you are a sucker for reality tv showcasing the lives of the rich and famous, KUWTK may be the right option for you!

Every show might not be your cup of tea, but hopefully, you found something new you can watch when you need a break from school! Just remember to go back to the work you are taking a break from!

Check out Peacock to see which shows you can watch for free and if you already have Xfinity, connect your account so you can get Peacock Premium! Click here to set it up!