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5 Ways To Channel Sabrina’s Style On CAOS

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered almost two weeks ago, and we’ve already completed the entire first season. There’s something about the retro-spooky vibes that makes us want to copy Sabrina’s style ASAP. Below are five essential elements of Sabrina’s style that will have you channeling our new favorite witch. 

1. Sweaters

With winter quickly approaching, we’re excited to bundle up in a sweater and mini skirt. We completely enjoyed seeing Sabrina’s large array of sweaters. Throughout the season, we’ll be increasing our collection of sweaters and cardigans. 

2. Mini-Skirts

Sabrina effortlessly matches her sweaters with her mini-skirts. Wearing a mini-skirt is the perfect way to add a feminine touch to your wardrobe, while making a statement. Combine this piece with tights and boots to complete your winter vibes. Invest in a few mini-skirts that can go with anything. 

3. Headband 

Along with her sweaters, Sabrina’s headband is an iconic part of her look. Sabrina wears the same simple black headband throughout the entire season. It’s simple but quickly became iconic. We want to copy this look and incorporate headbands into our own wardrobe. This is a great way to show off a little bit of our personality. 

4. Black Aesthetic 

Nothing says witch like an all-black outfit. We loved the black aesthetic that the Weird Sisters, and even Sabrina herself, constantly channeled. Black looks good on everyone and goes with everything. Including some black in your wardrobe is a great staple. 

5. Red Coat 

Red was a color that Sabrina often wore to set her apart from her Wiccan counterparts. We adored this bright pop of color. Incorporating a bright color like this in your wardrobe will cause you to stand out in all the right ways.

Your style can easily channel Sabrina in a few simple ways without completely breaking the bank. We love this iconic witch, and we can’t wait to start dressing like her. 




Erin Gilmore is a Georgia native, born and raised in Forsyth County. Since 2015, she has been attending The University of Georgia. She is majoring in Risk Management and Insurance and Advertising. She loves to learn new things and go on adventures with her friends. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her dogs, read and travel.
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