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photo of corn field
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5 Things for UGA Students to be Thankful For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Thanksgiving season is coming up! Here are five things for all UGA students to be thankful for!

Snelling Dining Hall’s Hours 

Snelling is open 24 hours Monday-Thursday. Let’s be thankful for ice cream and cereal at any time!

Cooler Weather 

Cooler weather means no more sweltering at football games! Yay!

Free Admission to (almost) All Sporting Events

It’s the start of basketball season! UGA students get into nearly all sporting events at UGA for free (with some exceptions, like football games).

Ramsey Student Center 

UGA student fees include entrance to the Ramsey Student Center, which is the third largest recreational center in the country. From racquetball to swimming to running, we have access to a facility that’s more than just a gym!

Wrecking Tech on Nov. 30

This year we get to wreck Georgia Tech in Atlanta after Thanksgiving! Go Dawgs!

So many things for all us Dawgs to be thankful for this season!

Kenzie is an education major.