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5 Squads You Should Be “Stanning”

The turning of summer to fall means the return of many shows, as well as the re-bingeing of other canceled or concluded ones. Netflix is typically the go-to place to enjoy the myriad of episodes we all enjoy, so in honor of the fall return of many television series, here’s a list of five squads you should currently be watching on Netflix now.


#1. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

This show has now been running for two decades (with the premiere of Season 20 airing just this past Thursday), and because of the relevant issues it continues to address, it’s no wonder it has endured for this long. What makes SVU special, though, are the dedicated detectives (and prosecutors) that make up the team. With two fierce female leads, a warm-hearted Italian, and Ice-T, this squad has everything you’ll ever need!

#2. Friends

An oldie, but a goodie, Friends follows the lives of six 20-something-year-olds trying to make it in New York City. It’s heartfelt; it’s funny, and the bonds of friendship between this squad never fails to put a smile on your face. It’s also the perfect show to watch on a fall weekend, while curled up with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea.

#3. The 100

This show just released its fifth season on Netflix last month, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch The 100 yet, now is the perfect time. This squad hosts a variety of characters, coming from diverse backgrounds and motives, and no matter their differences, they all still care for each other like family. It’s also a dark and gritty show, perfect for the upcoming spooky-esque month of October.

#4. Supergirl

Another show with multiple strong female leads, and this one incorporates superheroes, too! Full of love, life and humor, this squad exudes a feeling of pure happiness, and even when things get a little darker, they never fail to leave you with a wholesome, feel-good experience. 

#5. Godless

This is a gritty Netflix original, based in the Old West, following a town consisting almost entirely of women (yes, you read that right), after an accident befalls them. The women, who lead this show, are strong, diverse and the only reason anything gets done, and they are definitely a squad that deserves more credit than they get. 

Warning: This show is rated MA for a reason and contains multiple graphic scenes that may be triggering for some viewers.

Happy bingeing everyone!

Presley is a senior at the University of Georgia and one of the Campus Correspondents for her Her Campus chapter. She is pursuing a double major in criminal justice and psychology, as well as a minor in Italian, and she hopes to attend law school after graduation. She plans to someday become a criminal prosecutor. When she's not binge-watching Law and Order, she's studying languages, literature, or music.
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