5 Shows to Watch on Netflix This Winter

Looking for something to do during winter break? Here's a list of classic-but-good shows to watch while snuggled up in bed: 

1. The Crown 

The Crown depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the time of her wedding to Prince Phillip in 1947 to present day. 

Why I like it: The Crown reminds me a lot of Downton Abbey (which is one of my favorite shows) and what makes it even better is that it's based off actual historical events. (Who doesn't love the queen?) 

2. House of Cards

House of Cards is a politcial drama about a fictional Democrat, Frank Underwood, who is passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, and therefore creates an elaborate plan to achieve more power.

Why I like it: Who doesn't like drama? The show made briliant casting choices that make it completely absorbing to watch. 

3. Lost

Lost is a classic show from the early 2000's. The show follows a group of passengers who become marooned on a mysterious island in the South Pacific after their flight from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes.

Why I like it: It doesn't follow a typical plane crash story line. There are elements of the supernatural and science fiction that manage to spice things up. 

4. Shameless

The series focusses on the atypical family of Frank Gallagher and his six children. Shameless follows the six children, who raise themselves while their father is off drinking. 

Why I like it: It depicts the very real problem of alcoholism and how it affects Frank's children. And because of this, the show is relatable and evokes strong emotions.

5. Gossip Girl 

Based on a book series written by Cecily Von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl is narrated by an unknown blogger who depicts the lives of upper-class teenagers living in Manhattan's Upper East Side.