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5 Riverdale Updates That Have Us Freaking Out + Fan Reactions/Theories

The 15th episode of Riverdale season four premiered on the CW on March 6. The insane episode was titled "To Die For" and while it answered many of the fans most pressing questions, it left us with a lot more. There's much to discuss and much to collectively react to, so let's do it:

  1. 1. Jughead is alive!? 

    While fans were fairly certain that the creators of Riverdale wouldn't kill off one of the core four and fan favorite, Cole Sprouse, everyone was still on the edge of their seats these last few episodes. Throughout the most recent episode, titled "To Die For", we saw the characters mourning his death and even going so far as to have a wake for him. We now know, the charade was to trick the Stonewall Prep students aka the "Stonies" as Betty so affectionately calls them. Faking Jughead's death is a way to catch the real bad guys in an admittance of attempted murder. But most importantly, we now know our adored Jughead is alive and well as we saw him and Betty sharing a sweet night together in Dilton's bunker. Boy, has that thing come in handy. Bughead shipper's couldn't contain themselves when Betty presented her beau with his famous beanie that she had remade after they had to destroy the first. 

  2. 2. Here's my part-surprised, part-relieved face. 

    Me too, Spongebob. Me too. 

  3. 3. Donna is not who she says she is...

    This new piece of information is one we are dying to find out. Donna has a whole other layer of lies, no surprise there. She's been pretending to be someone she's not, so does that mean she's even more sinister and coniving than we once thought? We will have to wait to find out. All we know is that we're betting on Betty. 

  4. 4. This fan theory is quite interesting...I'm wondering how Charles and Chic are involved.

    This would be quite the clue! If we found out that Donna was an Evernever, our jaws would hit the floor. But in a weird, Riverdale-esque way, it would make perfect sense. What I'm wondering is how Charles and Chic are involved in all the madness of the season. After all this time, it's difficult to recall the interaction they had at the beginning of the season, when we saw Charles visit Chic in prison and learned that they are in kahoots and even still in a romantic relationship. We're hoping that Betty getting Charles' legal help all season wasn't a terrible idea. 

  5. 5. Betty and Archie might've faked that kiss, but this sure doesn't seem fake. Is Barchie actually happening?

    Like, I'm into it, but I'm confused. And I'm also sad, but a little bit excited. But like what about Jughead and Ronnie? There have been ongoing jokes throughout the show about how Barchie is the endgame ship of the show, which aligns with the comics and other renditions of this story. However, a lot of dedicated Riverdale viewers are plenty happy with the couples we have now. If you need proof of the show creating a slow burn love story between Betty and Archie without us really noticing throughout the past four seasons, watch this video. We're sure there will be plenty more fan-made content where that came from, especially after this episode.

  6. 6. This pretty much sums up all of our reactions to that text message: 

    The fake feelings turn into real feelings is a fan and creator favorite trope and it seems like we might need to be on the lookout for it. 

  7. 7. Is there more beef between Cheryl and Jughead than we realized? Or is she just a great actress in the face of this "Jughead is dead" ruse? 

    This scene was a much needed comic relief from this heavy and somber episode. We can always count on this duo to be no-nonsense and kick-butt when we need them. Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz are a fan favorite match and bring necessary realism to the Riverdale crew. 

  8. 8. Retweet, honey. We love Cheryl. 

    Madelaine Petsch is pretty great too. 

  9. 9. The parents were in on it too... Does that mean we're seeing the plot of Jughead's newest "Baxter Brothers" novel play out in real time?

    We love this kind of team work between the Riverdale teens and their parents. Nobody in this town goes down without a fight and Molly Ringwald's character just keeps getting better as her and Archie become a dynamic duo. We're also really loving this whole Alice-is-a-good-guy thing she has going on right now. The elaborate lengths that everyone is going to in order to fake Jughead's death has us wondering if this is the plot to his new "Baxter Brothers" novel? 

  10. 10. She speaks for us all: 

    Riverdale writers are a creative bunch who like to throw a whole lot of different plots at us at once, but we all love it anyway. I mean, we’re still here, aren’t we? That doesn’t mean we aren’t wildly confused.

Our list of questions keeps growing as the season progresses, but all we know is that we are glad Jughead is alive and well. It just goes to show, there’s nothing a Pop’s milkshake won’t fix! I just hope that extra milkshake Betty brought to the bunker won’t blow their cover.