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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Marvel’s Luke Cage

The latest show to premiere on Netflix is Marvel’s Luke Cage. Luke Cage, a popular black superhero in the Marvel comics, tells the story of a man with super strength and unbreakable skin who defends the streets of Harlem, New York. It’s been well-received by critics, audiences and fanboys alike. If you haven’t seen Luke Cage, here are five reasons why you should check it out.

1. It’s Symbolic

Luke Cage is more than just a superhero show. Yes, Luke Cage fights crime and saves the people of Harlem, but there are more underlying messages within the show. The show highlights black history and historical events, unity within the black community, and police brutality. Many critics have praised the show for it’s symbolism of a bulletproof black man, which is very important in light of the events taking place in our country.

2. It Has Badass Female Characters

Not only are all of the leading ladies in Marvel’s Luke Cage women of color, but they are pretty badass and hold their own. Simone Missick plays Mercedes “Misty” Knight, an NYPD detective who has a passion for serving justice and protecting her community. Rosario Dawson stars as Claire Temple, a nurse who befriends Luke Cage. Alfre Woodard has a starring role in the show as well. Woodard portrays Mariah Dillard, a devious local politician, who has a plan to rebuild Harlem.

3. It Has Amazing Music

The soundtrack for the series really sets the tone for each episode. It includes various genres such as, 70s funk, jazz, and hip-hop. Music artists also make guest appearances on the show including Jidenna and Method Man.

4. It Has Well-Developed Villains

It wouldn’t be a superhero show if it didn’t have notorious villains. The villains in Luke Cage are not your average world-domination villains. The characters are complex and have interesting backgrounds. Mahershala Ali, portrays Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, a Harlem crime boss, Theo Rossi portrays Hernan “Shades” Alavarez, a criminal and an opportunist, and Erik LaRay Harvey stars as Willis “Diamondback” Stryker, a ruthless killer and criminal who is linked to Cage’s past.

5. It Has An Amazing Breakout Star

Last, but certainly not least, one cannot forget the star of the show, Mike Colter, who portrays the title character. Not only is Colter very attractive, but he brings depth and dimension to the character of Luke Cage. He displays the perfect balance of stength and vulnerability and holds his own with a star-studded cast. His character is unconventional compared to other popular superheros. He doesn’t save the day wearing a mask and tights. He is grittier and much more complex, which works with the overall theme of the show.

I am a third year student at UGA and an intended broadcast journalism major.
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