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5 Reasons Why Malec And Westallen Are The Best Ships On TV

There are a lot of relationships on TV. Some can be unhealthy, representing relationships in real life that can be toxic and messy. Not all TV couples have messy relationships—Hollywood also loves a beautiful love story! The Flash’s Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen and Shadowhunters’ Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are perfect examples of that. These are the top 5 reasons Westallen and Malec are shipworthy! As a heads up, both shows will be spoiled below if you're not completely caught up!


These two couples mean so much to so many people because of what they represent. It’s not every day that you see a Black woman completely loved and cherished by a white superhero. Candice Patton’s casting in the role of Iris has paved the way for other Black actresses in superhero roles. Alec’s struggle with his sexuality and family duties in season one of Shadowhunters is symbolic of the struggle young adults go through when it comes to their sexuality. The relationship is also layered because it's interracial, and it’s refreshing to see how the writers handle Magnus’ bisexuality—it’s just not a big deal! The writers didn’t try to erase the fact that he’s also into women just because he’s in love with Alec. Both of these onscreen relationships give people a character just like them in their favorite TV shows, and that's so important.


If it’s one thing these couples have, it’s chemistry.  During the audition process for The Flash, Grant Gustin said that he knew Candice Patton was Iris from the moment she walked in. The way they work together to bring Barry and Iris’ love to life is so palpable and beautiful the show would be nothing without it. The casting directors for Shadowhunters made excellent choices casting Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus and Matthew Daddario as Alec. They play their characters so beautifully—when they have scenes together it only elevates their acting. Their connection is tangible and, like Barry and Iris, their love story is the heart of the show.

The One

These two couples are definitely soulmates—they were meant to be together from the start. For Barry and Iris, they’ve been best friends since they were ten. Barry has been in love with Iris since he knew what love meant, and it was unrequited for a long time. But after Barry told her he was in love with her, Iris realized she has always been in love with him, too. Even though Magnus and Alec weren’t childhood best friends for a long time, there was an instant connection between them. Magnus, being an 800-year-old warlock, had been in lots of relationships. He was emotionally closed off for a hundred years before Alec unlocked something in him. Alec thought he couldn’t have what he wanted until he met Magnus. Soulmates can meet due to chance or could be childhood best friends, proving that you never really know when you'll find (or if you already know) the one!

Would Do Anything For Each Other

Magnus gave up his magic so Alec wouldn’t lose Jace to Lilith. Magic means everything to Magnus, but he did it so Alec would be whole. Alec did the same thing when he broke up with Magnus so he would get his magic back. Even though Alec knew he would never recover from the heartbreak, he also knew Magnus would never be happy without his magic. (Magnus’ father is one evil greater demon). As for Barry and Iris, she literally dove herself off a building to save him when he got thrown off the building in meta cuffs. When a metahuman accidentally gave Iris Barry’s powers, he was willing to let her keep them even though they’re a part of who he is.

Always Find Their Way Back Together

One of the main things that makes Barry and Iris’ relationship is so special is that they’re each other’s home. There have been multiple times throughout the show’s run that Barry was in the speed force, and Iris helped bring him home because she’s his lightning rod. It’s made for some epic reunion scenes, which are some of the show’s most iconic scenes. In season 3 of Shadowhunters, there were a couple of times that Magnus had to go to Edom not knowing if he was going to make it back. In the end, they were always reunited in the most epic ways because “it’s only Edom.” These couples are obviously meant to be together, so in they end they'll always find each other!

The love these two couples have for each other is so beautiful and special. It’s the type of love we should all aspire to have.


You can see Malec in action on Shadowhunters on Hulu. Westallen’s journey from friends to lovers is on The Flash, streaming now on Netflix.

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