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5 Reasons Why Homecoming Week is Best in College

One of the wildest, most memorable times is amongst us, and no it’s not spring break. It’s homecoming!!! College students around the country will soon be decked out in their school colors during their designated homecoming week as it leads up to their homecoming game. It’s the most enjoyed time of fall semester, and here are five reasons why you should be just as excited.

1. Activities throughout the week (and free stuff)

Look at any schools’ event calendar and you’ll notice a variety of events taking place throughout homecoming week. Usually it includes free food, prizes, and activities! It’s a great way to take a break from homework or to give you something to do if you’re stuck in your dorm room.

2. A concert from your favorite artist (…Well, sometimes)

Students are always curious about what artist will take the stage for the annual homecoming concert. This can be a great time to get dressed up and step out with your friends and sing those one or two songs you know from the artist who came to show out for your school. Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t know the artist and may skip the concert that year, but luckily there’s always next year!

3. Look forward to the parade at the end of the week

The parade is like the tailgate-before-the-tailgate for the game. It gets everyone excited and hopeful about winning the game. For some colleges, there are small carnivals/festivals that take place so it’s even more food and fun!

4. Game day, game day, game day!!!

It’s time to cheer on [insert your school’s mascot here]! Go ahead and get loud and be proud because today’s the day that your school’s football team needs to get a W and not take an L in order for homecoming to be a true success!

5. Night life after the game isn’t so dark…it’s lit (;

If you haven’t gone out since the school year has started, this is the night to do it! Everyone will be celebrating homecoming one last time until next year, so make sure to celebrate with your schoolmates and be safe! Happy homecoming!

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