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5 Habits to Create That Will Benefit You in the Long Run

The mantra that re-emerges every year is always the same: new year, new me. This year, the “new me” part revolves around self improvement. When you’re thinking about your goals for this year, remember to keep your own best interests in mind and that no two person’s goals will look the same. 

1. Create a long-term savings account (and actually put money in it!)

Although money is most likely tight right now, it’s a good idea to keep your long-term goals in mind. Whether you want to buy a car or a house a couple years down the road, it’s a good idea to start putting away some money now. There is no golden perctange that you have to save each month, save the amount that feels most comfortable for you!

2. Take the time to really learn what food is good or bad for you (I’m talking about the specifics!)

We all like to think that we eat healthy, but do we really? Take the time to look at your diet and look for ways of improvement. Eating candy and other sweets all the time is not good for your body at all! Starting out slowly and cutting sugar out of your diet is a positive aspiration that will help you in more ways than not later down the road. 

3. Reading for pleasure

Characters in recent movies and television shows such as Hermoine and Belle all have shown us how we’ve forgetten the power of a good book. Take the time to choose an informative book or a book of a completely different subject to expand your horizons. Never stop reading. 

4. Taking the time to develop a hobby you enjoy

Whether you enjoy to read, paint or write, taking the time to do something you enjoy is good for your overall happinesss and long-term health. Take the time to partake in something that’s relaxing and completely unrelated to all your responsibilities. 

5.  Build in time to exersise to your weekly routine

We all know that excercising releases good endorphins that makes up. Recently, I’ve taken to trying different work outs to see what works best for me. Do what you like because if you don’t, exercising will become a chore instead of something that should be looked forward to. 

Happy 2017! 

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