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5 Female Empowerment Quotes from the Iconic Elle Woods

This month, Netflix added Legally Blonde back into its selection of movies and we couldn’t be more grateful! Elle goes through immense character and personal development throughout the scenes of the movie. Whether you find the movie to be a comedy or purely fiction, think about the message of the movies and how these empowering quotes can be applied to your life. Here are some iconic Elle Woods quotes that will make you want to press PLAY for the first time (or the even the millionth!).

Warner: “You got into Harvard Law?” Elle: “What? Like, it’s hard?”

This is easily one of the best quotes in the movie. While it is obvious that Elle doesn’t look like the other students at Harvard, she took the LSAT and applied like everyone else. While everyone may see Elle and think she’s incapable of success at Harvard, her nonchalant response to Warner really solidifies the fact that first impressions are not always correct. 

“I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be.”

If people underestimate you, let them sit back and see how strong you actually are. Don’t let them stop you from achieving greatness.


This may seem not seem like a quote, but, in context, this saying is everything! Other Harvard students (as well as professors) underestimated Elle since she arrived and didn’t believe she belonged at Harvard until she started showing that she was determined enough to beat them in class. 

“You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.”

This moment was so sweet, but also really powerful. She was being judged by all of her colleagues for taking a different approach to a case in which they had no faith. Despite the criticism, Elle did not give up and believed in herself.

“If I’m gonna be partner in a law firm by the time I’m 30, I’m going to need a boyfriend who’s not such a complete bonehead.”

This quote really shows not only the personal growth of Elle but also the change in her career goals. This quote is parallel to the quote made by Warner earlier in the movie. She was only thinking of Warner when she applied to Harvard, but after getting there she started living for herself. 



You may think this movie is unrealistic or cliche, but when you focus more on the personal growth of Elle, you can apply the same thinking to your life!

Brianna Mays is one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at UGA. She was born and raised in Gwinnett County, GA. She is a Terry Business Student majoring in Management: Human Resouces with a minor in Spanish and Fashion Merchandising.
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