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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Building your dream room from the floor up is just one great advantage of living on campus. Besides getting to know other students in the building, having easy access to academic facilities, and forming connections with RAs, decorating your dorm is an exciting experience, especially as a freshman. As the chilly autumn season rolls in, redecorating is the perfect activity to prepare for a cozy fall. Having a comfortable and well-decorated dorm will not elevate productivity but also increase overall satisfaction. Check out these five dorm decor suggestions to transform your room into a home this fall!

Fall Florals

A gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers, dahlias, and greenery brightens any room. Whether it is fresh from the market or artificial, autumn flowers stand out from any other. They tend to be darker in color compared to spring or summer plants and often emphasize orange leaves that are the signature of the cool weather. 

dainty lights

Every cozy dorm needs adequate lighting, especially when it comes to studying at the desk. Dainty lights such as fairy lights elevate any space and can relax the mind, which is essential after a long day of classes. Small lights and even LED candles, which are dorm-friendly, can be easy to fit into any room aesthetic that you are looking for.


Spooky season is among favorites of the autumn time; Halloween-inspired blankets or dark-colored comforters are perfect if you wish to change up your bedding. Nuzzling up into a cozy blanket and watching a movie with your friends is a great Friday night activity for the fall season. Coming in many different fabrics and designs, blankets are easily customizable and a simple add-to-cart item for autumn.

Wall art

Wall art comes in many varieties and is often on sale in home goods stores; for instance, Hobby Lobby has 50% off wall decor sales every other week. Decorating with wall art can be more flexible than almost any item since there are different options to choose from when it comes to finding a specific piece to fit into your personal aesthetic.

throw pillows

Having more than one pillow on the bed or couch in your dorm adds plenty of comfort and coziness to the overall vibe of your dorm. Similar to wall art, throw pillows come in different shapes and sizes so there is space for creativity in decorating with this item.

Decorating is easily an activity that can completely change one’s routine and mindset. After an exhausting day of studying and back-to-back classes, coming home to a cozy dorm and cuddling up with a warm cup of tea can make everything feel at peace again.

Thaomy is a Management Information Systems and International Business Co-Major with a minor in Arabic. She is deeply interested in skincare, media entertainment, community service and creative writing. Additionally, she enjoys online shopping, watching kdramas, reading as well as writing fictional stories.