5 Benefits of Not Having a Driver's License

Getting your driver’s license is presented on television as an exciting event that comes with newfound freedom. Yet some college students see this and cannot completely relate because, for whatever reason, they graduated from high school without getting a license.  For them, here are five upsides of not being able to drive.

1. You Save Money

Having a car can set you back thousands of dollars.  First, you have to make the difficult decision of choosing between leasing, buying new and buying used.  Then you have to find the money for insurance, repairs, gas, oil changes and, depending on how you got your vehicle, car payments.  Not driving allows you to avoid this particular brand of stress.

2. You Have More Opportunities to get Exercise

If you don’t have a car to get you where you need to go, chances are you end up walking when your destination is close enough. At the very least, you walk to the most convenient bus stop since the University of Georgia has a pretty good transit system. This gives you more opportunities to improve your health, stay fit and counteract the effects of all the junk food, ramen and pizza that you may or may not be eating.

3. You Have an Excuse to Stay Home

Once in a while, you might be invited to an outing or event that you are not enthusiastic about going to. If said event is not walking-distance from where you live, and it is not important or work-related, not having a license might provide a way for you to explain your way out of going without actually saying that you don’t want to go. Be careful when using this as an excuse though—it will only be convincing under certain circumstances.

4. You Will Ride With Others More Often Than Not

Being a passenger can be fun.  You get the opportunity to meet nice Uber drivers and cabbies who engage you in pleasant conversations. You can catch rides with your friends and take turns amusing each other. You also have the ability to sightsee or nap if you want to. You can relax more than the driver because you are not shouldering the responsibility of making sure that the car doesn’t crash, which brings me to benefit number five:   

5. You Don’t Have to Drive Through Atlanta Traffic

Driving in Atlanta is a notoriously nerve-racking experience. It is notorious enough to earn a place on this list, even though it’s specific to students who have driven in or around the city. Atlanta has some commonly agreed upon traits, including: sudden left turns, aggressive drivers, multiple roads seemingly named after Peachtree, and so much traffic that it feels like you're chasing a toddler in a toy store (aka, you're not making any progress). When trying to get somewhere in Atlanta, letting someone drive you or taking public transit allows you to forego a huge potential headache.

Unless you absolutely need a car, there is no need to feel bummed about not having a license. Just enjoy the fresh air during your next walk.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash [12, 3]