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5 Backgrounds to Get Your Device in the Halloween Mood

October is a month full of pumpkins, spookiness and candy. If you love the Halloween season, these backgrounds can serve as a constant reminder of the gems of this time of the year! 


1.  Gourds! Gourds! Gourds!

Gourds are beautiful because they come in all shapes and sizes.  They are truly a unique representation of the Halloween and even the Thanksgiving season. They are perfect for your table and for the background of your device. This background can be found on Unsplash.


2.  If You’re Crazy About Bats! 

If you’re more into the artsy side of Halloween, this is the perfect background for you. Also, bats and vampires are core parts of Halloween that often get overlooked. Don’t forget about bats with this wallpaper! This image (and many more awesome backgrounds) can be found on this twitter account.


3. Spooky Forest

There’s just something ominous about bare trees in the dark. The image practically shouts Halloween and it being the spookiest time of the year. This is an example of a classic background that can keep you feeling spooky all year long. This image can be found on Pexels.


4. Spooky Moon 

Spooky and supernatural events always happen during the full moon. This is the perfect background if you’re looking for a subtle Halloween reference than is usable year round. An added bonus is that you get to open up your phone to the beautiful moon no matter what season it is! You can find this photo on Unsplash.


5. Classic Pumpkins

If you’re a girl who loves pumpkin everything, this background is perfect for you. The pumpkin is the epitome of the season and can be seen practically everywhere and in everything we eat. You can find this photo on Unsplash.


Gear up all your devices for Halloween, because it is just around the corner! 


Thumbnail image can be found here.

Erin Gilmore is a Georgia native, born and raised in Forsyth County. Since 2015, she has been attending The University of Georgia. She is majoring in Risk Management and Insurance and Advertising. She loves to learn new things and go on adventures with her friends. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her dogs, read and travel.
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