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4 Things to Get Excited About as Winter Approaches

With winter right around the corner, there are so many things to get hyped about as we count down the days ‘til the winter solstice. From hot cocoa to ice skating, there really are a crazy number of beautiful winter wonders that are completely unique to this season of cooler temperatures and holiday spirit. Of all the possible things to get excited about, here are a few to truly look forward to.

Winter Clothing

Existing as a general label for any clothing that is fuzzier, longer, warmer, or thicker, winter clothing is often not only cute and cozy, but comfy as well. There is nothing like wearing fuzzy socks when it’s freezing outside; you could say it makes the experience that much better. With sweatshirts and leggings as a part of that warm uniform, woven scarves, cool headbands and hats worn as a norm, and leather and sheepskin boots (yes, Uggs) used daily, the clothing that distinguishes winter is fantastic comfort-wise, but can additionally be pretty stylish (can you say soft sweater dresses and patterned tights?).


Hot Drinks

There is something to be said about drinking hot drinks during the colder months of the year. When it’s below freezing outside, the air is chilled, and your cheeks are flushed, hot drinks act as the perfect way to instantly warm you up. With hot tea, smooth coffee, delicious hot chocolate and apple cider, the options are endless. Easy to make at home or easy to buy and burn money on at both Jittery Joes and Starbucks (opening in Tate soon!), hot drinks are an integral part of the cold season and cause us to reach for our wallets more often than usual (in a good way).


Blankets + Netflix

A perfect combo? There’s nothing like relaxing on a cold day or during the weekend with a blanket to snuggle in and a whole season (or five) to watch on Netflix. A great way to actually chill with others or by yourself, you could make this combination even better with some hot chocolate, fuzzy socks or Starbucks (see above). Also as a good time to eat food, popcorn + Netflix can easily become a way of life. As inspiration to be lazy hits, continue to put what is important in life off ‘til tomorrow and enjoy yourself for a few hours when the colder weather comes around, or any other time you feel the need to decompress.


Family and Friends

When we close our doors tightly and turn up the heater aggressively, time spent indoors increases quickly. To free your mind from boredom, spending time with family and friends is a great way to stay comfortable and warm without taking a step outside. From board games to baking, there are multiple engaging activities that become especially fun during the winter season. With movies and puzzles, cookies and card games, there are so many ways to make the most of this time of year. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go outside, however. Sometimes cooler temperatures means more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, depending on just how cold it gets. It’s a time to take advantage of the weather and all the fun that comes with it, both indoors and outdoors.

Warm or cold, the experiences of winter will continue to be distinct. Enjoy it while it’s here, and remember to be conscious of its benefits, even as you may be freezing your ears off. Wear warm clothing, drink hot drinks, and eat good food as soon as winter starts and even before it begins. Additionally, have a great time with others — whatever the activity — to fill your heart with a different kind of warmth as you experience the best that life has to offer.

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